Review of Vietnamese Studies 2003

 Mark Pfeifer, editor of The Review of Vietnamese Studies, has announced the publication of the 2003 volume of the online journal. It is now available at:

Contents: "Ancestral veneration in Vietnamese spiritualities," by Jonathan Huoi Xung Lee, UC Santa Barbara; " Reøgles et exceptions dans l'emploi des classificateurs vietnamiens, by Minh Ha Lo-Cicero, Universiteù de Madeøre, Portugal; "'The future lied': Three women of Hanoi, a personal story," by Jay Martin; Yijing scholarship in late-Nguyen Vietnam: A study of Le Van Ngu's Chu dich cuu Nguyen (An investigation of the origins of the Yjing, 1916) ," by Wai-Ming Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong; "Propagandist representation of Vietnamese women: A comparative study," by Christine M. Pothier, University of Ottawa, Canada; "Statistical profile of immigrants of Vietnamese origin in Quebec and in Canada: Comparison of 1991, 1996, and 2001 data," by Eric Richard and Louis-Jacques Dorais, Universiteù Laval, Quebec, Canada.

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