Hmong Movement Anthology Project

Hmong Movement is planning to publish an anthology, tentatively titled, Generation of Sacrifice: Growing Up Hmong American. It is looking for "in their own voices" life story narratives expressing experiences of Hmong American youth and college students under three general topics: 1) Journey from a Secret War, focusing on 1.5 generation Hmong who were born during the Secret War or in exodus from Laos to a refugee camp or third country before settling in the U.S. 2) New Americans in the Urban Jungles: focuses on 2 nd generation Hmong, discussing resettlement, acculturation, secondary and third migration communities, socio-economic and higher education issues. 3) Hmong American Dreams to Reality: focuses on successes of Hmong American youth and college students, covering topics such as identity formation, community activism, youth leadership and organizing.

Length of articles should range between 2500-5000 words and be sent via email to by Microsoft attachment. Deadline is March 1, 2004. Contact Seng A. Vang, for further information.