Selected Recent Acquisitions

Chang, Paokong John and Rosiek, Jerry. (2003).

Anti-colonialist antinomies in a biology lesson: A sonata-form case study of cultural conflict in a science classroom. Curriculum Inquiry 33(3), 251-290.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Analytical case study by a Hmong American high school science teacher of the conflict between a science curriculum and the traditional Hmong beliefs of one of his students.

Khmaer prajhammukh nyn vapaadharm. Cultures of Independence: An introduction to Cambodian arts and culture in the 1950s and 1960s. (2001). Phnom Penh: Reyum.

NX378.6 C3 C853 2001 SE Asian Archive

Khmer, English, and French text. Discusses architecture, theater, film, music, and painting. Contains many interviews and is liberally illustrated.

Feeney, Maureen Patricia. (2002). Freedom to speak: Vietnamese reeducation and the search for Cold War refuge.

Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan. F899 S49 V535 2002a SE Asian Archive

Using journey narratives of reeducation camp detainees now living in Seattle, this is an ethnographic study of the relationships between H.O. emigrants and the states involved with their transnational movements.

Kong, Maria. (2001). Fighting fire with fire: Lessons from the Laotian Organizing Project's first campaign.

M.A. thesis, University of California, Los Angeles.

GE235 C2 K66 2001 Southeast Asian Archive

Analyses the Richmond, California based Laotian Organizing Project's grassroots environmental justice campaign against the toxic sites in the community.

MacDonald, Jeffrey L. (1998). "We are the experts": Iu-Mien ( Yao) refugees assert their rights as scholars of their own culture.

In Ruth M. Krulfeld & Jeffrey L. MacDonald (Eds.). Power, Ethics, and Human Rights: Anthropo- logical Studies of Refugee Research and Action. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Explores the ways the Iu-Mien diaspora have learned to adapt Western scholarly methods, such as conferences and joint research, to empower themselves and construct a transnational identity.

Tang, Suet-ling Shirley. (2002). 'Enough is enough!': Struggles for Cambodian American community development in Revere, Massachusetts.

Ph.D dissertation, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Cataloging in Process

Focuses on the value of cultural and youth development (especially the role of young Cambodian American women) as sources for effective community building. Discusses both the refugee resettlement period and post-1990.

Town hall in Little Saigon. [sound recording]. (2003).

Broadcast of June 25, 2003 "AirTalk," program, Southern California Public Radio Station KPCC 89.3 FM. Pasadena, CA: KPCC.

Cataloging in Process

"AirTalk" host Larry Mantle and a panel of guests discuss various topics, including business, politics, the generation gap, and culture in Westminster's Little Saigon at the Nguoi Viet Daily News community center.

Valverde, Caroline Kieu Linh. (2002). Making transnational Viet Nam: Vietnamese American community - Viet Nam through money, music and modems.

Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.

Cataloging in Process

Concerns the relations that Vietnamese American have with their home country by examining factors such as popular music, remittances, and internet use.

Yang, Cziasarh Neng. (2002). Cultural capital: Old Hmong culture in modern times. Ed.D. dissertation, University of St. Thomas.

Cataloging in Process

A study of Hmong history and culture through the analysis of a Hmong funeral song, "Qhuab Ke," (Showing the Way).

Yang, Kou. (2003). Hmong diaspora of the post-war period. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 12(3), 271-300.