Recent Gifts

Huan Van Bui:

Hoøa Haûo Buddhism : A brief description of Hoøa Haûo Buddhism; Biography and teachings of Prophet Huyønh Phuù Soå, 2002. In English, French, Vietnamese.

Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns:

Her article: Meditations on the exilic condition: Introduction to the bodies between us. (leâ thi diem thuøy). In Roberto Uno with Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns, (Eds.). The color of theater: Race, culture and contemporary performance (pp. 314-318) London : Continuum, 2002.

Department of the Army, Fort Chaffee , Arkansas :

???? photographs of Vietnamese (and a few Cambodian) refugees who arrived at Fort Chaffee in 1975. Fort Chaffee was one of the four centers established in the United States to receive the first wave of refugees. Photographs include arrival scenes, camp activities, dedication of the stone memorial commemorating the resettlement.

Anne Hoaøng:

Program for the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group concert, September 14, 2003, San Diego; Nhöøng neûo ñöôøng Vieät Nam, DVD of Lac Hong Performing Arts Group concert, September 28, 2002 , Orange Coast College , Costa Mesa , CA .

Robert R. Jones III:

Photos of the October-November 2003 Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF); materials relating to the 2003 Rural Affairs reunion and the 2003 International Voluntary Services (UVS) reunion.

Professor Ketu Katrak:

Article about Singaporeans in Cambodia , "The Cambodian crisis," by John Lee. Connexions, October 1997; CommunicAsians, 11:3, Spring 2003 (contains article, "On [the film] Refugee and Nakasako"); CAAV Voice, vol. 12:1 (Spring 2003).

Professor Peter Nien-chu Kiang:

Two of his articles: Pedagogies of PTSD: Circles of healing with refugees & veterans in Asian American Studies. In Lin Zuan (Ed.), Asian Americans: Vulnerable populations, model interventions & clarifying agendas (pp. 197-222). Sudbury , MA : Jones & Bartlett, 2003; Stories & structures of persistence: Ethnographic learning through research & practice in Asian American studies. In Yali Zov & Enrique T. Truebe, (Eds.), Ethnography and schools: Qualitative approaches to the study of education (pp, 233-255). Lanham,. MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002;Recognizing names: Student perspectives and suggestions for pronouncing Asian names: A guide for the UMass Boston community, 1995; Massachusetts Asian American Educators Association, Asian American studies curriculum resource guide, 1995; A dream denied: Educational experiences of Southeast Asian American youth: Issues and recommendations, by Khatharya Um, SEARAC, 2003.

Le Thanh Binh:

His book of poetry, Khuc giao hoa. Songs of harmony (2003);

Dr. Nguyeãn Ñöùc Nguyeân:

Tap-ch Vaên-ngheä Tieán Phong (Review of [Vietnamese] Literature and Arts), Arlington, VA, 1991-1995; Danh-sachù Luanï-Ẫ™n Baùc-Só Y-Khoa ñeä trinh taïi Tröông Y-Khoa Daïïi hoïc Saigon 1973-1975. (List of M.D. theses , Faculty of Medicine, University of Saigon, 1973-1975); Jean-Loup Godron, Quelques aspects du systeme sanitaire et de la pathologie au Vietnam , these pour le doctorat en medicine, Lille , 1990.

 Nguyeãn Vónh Baûo & Anne Hoaøng:

His Thöû töï hoïc ñôøn tranh, (Teach yourself how to play the 'dan tranh'), 2003.

Leâ-Höông Phaïm:

 Vietnamese translation of The concise AACR2, 1988 revision.

Professor Gina Masequesmay:

 Her 2003article:Negotiating multiple identities in a queer Vietnamese support group. Journal of Homosexuality 2(3/4), 193-215.

 Dr. Traàn Huy Bích:

Two titles by Ngoâ Minh Haèng: Nhöõng chaëng ñôøi: Truyeän ngaén, Coù nhöõng vuøng trôøi: Thô, 2001; Traàn Gia Phuïng: Loät traàn huyeàn thoaïi Hoà Chí Minh=Exposing the myth of Hoà Chí Minh, 2003; Traàn Ngoïc Ninh: Tuyeát xöa: Vieát veà vaên-hoùa; Moät chuùt lòch söû y khoa ñaïi hoc Ñöông Saùi Goøn (1954-1975), 2002. Traàn Quoác Bình: Naêm naêm hoat ñoäng vaên ngheä ÔÛ Mó (Thô), 2003; Traû laïi cho em: Thô, 2002; Tuoå boán möôi: Thô truyeûn (1975-1995), 2002.

Nhu-Ngoc T. Ong:

 Her paper with Professor David S. Meyer: "Protest and political incorporation: Vietnamese American protests: 1975-2001." Presented at the 2003 American Political Science Association conference. _037.pdf.

Vaên Ngheä Publishers:

 2003 publications:Phuøng Cung, Truyeän vaø thô chöa heà xuaát baûn; Nguyeãn Hieán Leâ, Söû trung quoàc.

 Professor Linda Trinh Voõ:

 Chan, Sucheng.Politics and the Indochinese refugee exodus, 1975-1997. In Sucheng Chan, ed., Remapping Asian American history. Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press, 2003.

 Dr. Son Kim Vo:

 Her 2004 article: Lunar New Year celebration.

Kao-ly Yang:

 Microfiche copy of her Ph.D. dissertation, Naitre et grandir: Les processus de socialisation de l'efant en milieu Hmong, Aix-Marseilles 1, 1999.

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