New Student Assistant: Chris Nguyen

Hi, my name is Chris Nguyen and I am the new student assistant. As a first year student at UCI I am glad to be a part of the SEA Archive because it is a great place. There is a lot of culture that surrounds you in this room and it is a great privilege to be working here. One thing I enjoy is reading the paper, searching for the right story that can be snipped out and placed into the archives. Students usually have no time to read the newspaper, and I am happy to have the opportunity to do this. The Archive is such a peaceful place because it is in the Library, and also there are so many things to read and search for.

As I look at our society today, I am very thankful for such things that people take for granted. One thing is being able to go to college and another is having a home with a family. Because without these things our lifestyle would be very different and complex. I see the poverty in our world and I know we cannot change it all at once, but we can only help to soothe the pain. I encourage others to come to this place and experience what it holds and what it can illustrate to us. I love being a part of this Archive because everything seems to come to life from the paintings, poems, pictures and the stories. It is an honor to be involved in the SEA Archives, and I hope this place continues its journey to collect knowledge.