Recent Gifts

Ouane Bouatay:

Phra chao sip saad yang nhio, Kae kai mai thansamai, [compiled by] Phra Maha Samethachanh, 1995; Phra Pathomma Somphod, Kham kon, [edited by] Phra Maha Methivorakul, 1995.

Tung Cao:

Six of his photographs of Vietnam: "South Vietnam," "Hanoi: Stelas of Engraved Names of Laureates at the Court Competition Examination;" "Hanoi: Temple of Literature;" "Hanoi: Lake of Restitution of the Sword;" "Houseboat People;" "Resilient Cu Chi."

Julia Gelfand:

Article: "His life: Vinh Ngoc Le counts his blessings," by Steve Jackson. Westword (Denver), Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 1996.

Ruyet The Ha:

Red file: 50 years of violations of human rights in Communist Vietnam, 1945-1995, edited by Nguyen Tri Van, et al., Vietnam Human Rights Watch, 1995.

Le Thi Tham Van:

Her 1996 publication, Viet Nam, ngay toi tro ve.

Mike Little:

Newspaper articles relating to the Montagnards from the Houston Chronicle, Insight, Greensboro News & Record, Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, USA Today, Far Eastern Economic Review, and SITREP (Counterparts/Tuong Huu Nam A), special edition, March 1993.

Macquarie University, School of Economic & Financial Studies:

Australian-Vietnam Research Project working paper #3, Vietnamese youth in the 1990s, by David Marr, 1996.

Gina Masequesmay:

Her 1991 Pomona College senior thesis, Little Saigon, an exploratory study of an ethnic community.

Gayle Morrison:

Selected 1996 issues of the Bangkok Post, and the Ywj Pheej (The Hmong Free Press, Minneapolis); materials concerning books on the Hmong; article, "The good doctor: remembering an evening with Dr. Haing S. Ngor," by Alec Wilkinson, The New Yorker, March 11, 1996.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

copies of Nguyet San Nguon Song, November 1996; Phat Giao Hai Ngoai, September 1996; Vien Giac, October 1996; video, Nguoi dung ve.

Thanong Sithisombath:

Lao Huam Phao Community Directory, 1996-97; Lao-American News, v. 1:1 (San Diego, CA); Paxasinh Lao Monthly Magazine, v. 18-19, September & November 1996; Maha Sila Viravong Library Project, Lao Mai Issara Institute, Articles & documents on Laos: from Newsletters, Magazines, Journals, November 1996; Lao United Freedom Organization (Rochester, NY) booklet.

Daniel C. Tsang:

1996 election materials from the Vietnamese American Voters Coalition and the Vietnamese Political Action Committee (VPAC); newspaper clippings and articles from the Internet on various topics relating to Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian Americans.

UC Berkeley, Institute of International Studies

1995-1996 Working Papers. No. 2, Agrarian thermidor: rural dynamics and the agrarian question in Vinh Phu Province, Vietnam, by Michael Watts; no. 3, Recent urbanization and environmental change in Viet Tri City, Vietnam, by Michael DiGregorio et al; no. 4, Environment and industrial renovation in Vietnam: a report from Vinh Phu Province, by Dara O'Rourke, et al; no. 5. Gourou's symbiotic villages revisited: inter-village relations, socioeconomic differentiation and the place of the past in Northern Vietnam, by Regina M. Abrami; no. 7, Land & health in Lap Thach District, Vinh Phu Province, Vietnam, by Leslie Lipper, et al.

Van, Tap Chí Van Hoc Nghe Thuat:

Vol. 162, November 1996.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Copies of their 1996 publications: Hoi ky ngoai van chuong, by The Phong; Vo Phien, by Nguyen Hung Quoc; Mat tran o sai gon, by Ngo The Vinh; copies of 1996 publications from An Tiem Publishers: Em oi biet dau tim, by Kiet Tan, Mua xuan va nhung con da trang, by Phan Thi Trong Tuyen, Mot bong hong cho cha, by Vo Hong.

Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce:

January 1997 issue of its newsletter, Voices.

Vietnamese Community of Orange County, Inc.:

copies of Community News=Cong Dong, February 1997, Tet issue.

Rev. Petrus Vu Dinh Trac:

His 1996 publication, Cong giao Viet Nam trong truyen thong van hoa dan toc.

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