New Student Assistants

My name is Chi Tran. I'm one of the new student assistants at the Southeast Asian Archives. This is my second year at UCI as a biology major. I grew up in Vietnam and lived there for almost fourteen years. I came to the United States six years ago with my parents, brother, and sister. Currently I live in Santa Ana and commute to UCI everyday. In my spare time I enjoy reading novels and listening to music.

My first year at UCI was great. I'm hoping that working at the Archive will give me the opportunity to get to know more people and make more friends.

My name is Phuong-Uyen N. Tran. I'm the other new student assistant at the Southeast Asian Archive. I'm a junior computer science major and I'm originally from Saigon. We came to Covington Kentucky (it's a small town) in 1985 through the Orderly Departure Program to live with my grandmother. In 1988 we came to California. I currently reside in Costa Mesa with my parents, three sisters, and one brother. Unlike other girls, I enjoy watching movies alone when I have free time. I hope to graduate in Summer, 1996 and find work with a computer company.