Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bloemraad, Irene Hanneke Ina. (2003). Achieving full citizenship: An institutional approach to the political incorporation of immigrants and refugees in the United States and Canada . Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University .

Cataloging in Process

Proposes that government newcomer settlement and diversity policies affects future citizenship and political involvement. Studies Portuguese immigrants and Vietnamese refugees in Boston and Toronto .

Corlett, Jan L., Dean, Ellen A., & Grivetti, Louis E. (2003). Hmong gardens: Botanical diversity in an urban setting. Economic Botany 57(3), 365-379.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Discusses Hmong gardens located in an inner-city environment in South Sacramento , CA , including the documentation of 59 plant species used for food or medicinal purposes, and the role of the gardens in maintaining cultural identity and practices.

Niedzwiecki, Max, Yang, KaYing, & Earm, Saroeun. (2003). Southeast Asian American elders in California : Demographics and service priorities revealed by the 2000 census and a survey of mutual assistance associations ( MAAs ) and faith-based organizations (FBOs).

Washington, D.C. SEARAC.

Conference Papers File

Produced for the conference titled “Aging Among Southeast Asian Americans in California : Assessing Strengths and Challenges, Strategizing for the Future,” Sacramento , CA , October 17, 2003 . Available at

Reyes, Angela Rosario. (2003). ‘The other Asian:’ Linguistic, ethnic and cultural stereotypes at an after-school Asian American teen videomaking project. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania .

PN1992.94 R49 2003a SE Asian Archive

Examines the relationship between language and identity among Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao and ethnic Chinese teenagers and how they appropriate stereotypes.

Silka, Linda. (2004). Transforming experiences: When host communities become home communities. Paper presented at Association for Asian Studies 2004 Annual meeting, San Diego .

Conference Papers File

Discusses the integration of the Cambodian community in Lowell , Massachusetts .

Streed, Sarah. (2002). Leaving the house of ghosts: Cambodian refugees in the American Midwest . Jefferson , NC : McFarland.

DS 554.8 S76 2002 Southeast Asian Archive

Combines chapters about recent Cambodian history with the personal stories of Cambodian refugees both pre- and post-resettlement.

Thao, Yer J. (2003). Empowering Mong students: Home and school factors. The Urban Review 35(1), 25- 42.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters File

Considers “culture clash” issues at home and

at school in accessing negative school experiences. Recommends a school environment that understands and values its students’ culture and reaches out to parents as important resources.

Weir, Rosy Chang. (2002). Lao/Thai-European-American interethnic marriages: A multi-method study. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California , Santa Cruz .

HQ1031 W45 2002a Southeast Asian Archive

Uses both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to study interethnic marriages. Concludes that participation in a partner’s cultural practices is an important factor in successful interethnic marriages.

Valverde, Caroline Kieu Linh. (2002). Making transnational Viet Nam : Vietnamese American community – Viet Nam through money, music and modems. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California , Berkeley .

E184 V53 V35 2002a SE Asian Archive

Investigates the factors inherent in transnational ties of Vietnamese Americans with their home country.