Selected Recent Acquisitions

Barker, Judith C. and Saechao, Kaochoy. (1997).

A household survey of older Iu-Mien refugees in rural California. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 12(2), 121-143.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Analyzes survey results of residents over 60 years old in 183 Iu-Mien households in Merced, California.

Diamond, Catherine. (1997).

The Pandora's box of 'Doi Moi': the open-door policy and contemporary theatre in Vietnam. New Theatre Quarterly 13(52), 372-385.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Discusses the effect of foreign influences on traditional theater, (tuong, hat boi and cheo), and theater forms which address contemporary issues, (cai luong, kich noi, and san khau nho).

Directory of non-governmental organizations work- ing in the Lao PDR, March 1994. (1995).

New York: The Forum on Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos.
HV00.4 D Southeast Asian Archive
Gives detailed information on non-governmental organizations and descriptions of their projects in Laos.

Do, Vy Trac. (1994).

Characteristics of Vietnamese students in community colleges: a case study. Ph.D. dissertation, Claremont Graduate School and San Diego State University.
LC3501 V53 D6 1994a Southeast Asian Archive
Studies Vietnamese students at Fullerton College to identify educational needs and whether academic achievement would translate into success in the workplace.

Helzer, Jennifer J. (1994).

Continuity and change: Hmong settlement in California's Sacramento Valley.
Journal of Cultural Geography 14(2), 51-64.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses the adaptation of traditional farming practices, belief systems and residential patterns in Northern California Hmong communities.

Johnson, Phyllis J. (1998).

Performance of household tasks by Vietnamese and Laotian refugees: tradition and change. Journal of Family Issues 19(3), 245-271.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Gives data and analysis on traditional and present day practices and changes brought about by resettlement.

Morrison, Gayle. (1998).

Sky is falling: an oral history of the CIA's evacuation of the Hmong from Laos. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland.
DS558.6 L3 1999 Southeast Asian Archive
First-hand account of the evacuation of 2500 Hmong and the preceding events that led up to the 14-day May 1975 exodus.

Robinson, W. Courtland. (1998).

Terms of refuge: the Indochinese exodus and the international response. New York: St. Martin's Press.
HV640.5 I5 R63 1998 Southeast Asian Archive
A history of the role of international organizations in the flight of refugees from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Smith Hefner, Nancy. (1999).

Khmer American: identity and moral education in a diasporic community.
Berkeley: University of California Press.
F73.9 K45 S65 1999 Southeast Asian Archive
Ethnographic study based on long-term research in the Boston Cambodian community.

Tuyen tap hai muoi nam van hoc Viet Nam hai ngoai, 1975-1995. (1995).

Glendale, CA: Daïi Nam.
PL4378.5 T885 1995 v.1-2 Southeast Asian Archive
Over 158 overseas Vietnamese are represented in this anthology of literature and art.

U Sam Oeur. (1998).

Sacred vows: poetry. Bilingual Khmer and English edition. Translated from Khmer by Ken McCullough and U Sam Oeur. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press.
PL4328.9 U16 S23 1998 Southeast Asian Archive
Poems by a survivor of the Pol Pot regime who now lives in the United States.