SEA Archive Open House Events

In recent months the UCI Libraries has invited members of the local Southeast Asian communities and other special guests to visit the Southeast Asian Archive and the "Documenting the Southeast Asian Refugee Experience" exhibit.

On February 23 guests had the opportunity to celebrate Tet as well as view the exhibit and Archive. At that time, Judith Paquette, Associate University Librarian for Collections, announced that in keeping with the growing academic interest on campus, plans have been made to strengthen support for the Southeast Asian Archive. She announced the establishment by the Library, with the support of community leaders, of "a special fund which will supplement the support the Library provides, and make it possible for the Archive to continue to grow and flourish."

Since its establishment the Archive has benefited greatly by donations of materials from numerous individuals and members of the Southeast Asian Archive Advisory Board.

Additional opportunities to view the exhibit and to visit the Archive took place on April 24 and May 1. Mr. Yen Do, Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board, arranged for these Saturday morning tours, which attracted new visitors to UCI and the Southeast Asian Archive.