Selected Recent Acquisitions

Anderson, June. (1996).

Mayko's story: A Hmong textile artist in California. San Francisco: California Academy of Sciences.
NL9298 X56 A86 1996 SE Asian Archive
Focuses on the life and work of Mayko Xiong, a Hmong textile artist from Merced, California.

Berthold Sarah Megan. (1998).

The effects of exposure to violence and social support on psychological and behavioral outcomes among Khmer refugee adolescents. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles.
Cataloging in Process
Survey of 144 pairs of Khmer high school students and their parents/guardian revealed high exposure to war trauma overseas and to community violence in the U.S. The role of family and social support were studied as moderating factors.

Britto, Karl Ashoka. (1998).

Disorientation: interculturality and identity in Vietnamese Francophone literature (Nguyen Phan Long, Truong Dinh Tri, Albert De Teneuille, Pham Van Ky, Kim Lefevre). Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University.
Cataloging in Process
An investigation into the effects of 'interculturality' in novels and autobiographical works written in French by Vietnamese authors.

GMLaughlin, Colette Marie & Jesilow, Paul. (1998).

Conveying a sense of community along Bolsa Avenue: Little Saigon as a model of ethnic commercial belts. International Migration/Migrations Internationales/Migraciones Internationales 36(1), 49-65.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Analysis of Orange County's Little Saigon's role as an ethnic and commercial enclave that benefits diverse groups of individuals.

Millhollen, Barbara Jean. (1994).

The alienation of the Iu Mien : A Hegelian perspection. M.A thesis, California State University, Dominquez Hills.
E184 Y36 M55 1994a SE Asian Archive
Concerns the difficulties experienced by the Iu Mien in acculturating to American society

Moench, Paul Arthur. (1996).

An HIV/AIDS education and prevention model for Southeast Asian gang youth: a program development. Psy.D. dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno.
Cataloging in Process
Develops a peer education program assessing HIV knowledge, attitude, and behavioral intent among Cambodian, Hmong, and Laotian adolescents affiliated with gangs and their parents in Fresno, California.

Taylor, Nora Annesley. (1997).

The artist and the state: the politics of painting and national identity in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 1925-1995. Ph.D. dissertation, Cornell University.
Cataloging in Process
Examines how political, social and cultural ideas have influenced pictorial representation in 20th century Vietnam.

Um Khatharya. (1998).

The broken chain: genocide in the re-construction and de-construction of Cambodian society. Social Identities 4(1), 131-154.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses the making of a genocidal ideology during the Khmer Rouge regime, including the role played by U.S. bombings in the early 1970s.