Recent Gifts

Galen Beery:

"Family Sponsored Vietnamese Immigrants: Pre-immigration Factors and Resettlement," by Hoa Tu Tran (Senior Thesis Project, Scripps College, 1995).

Mitchell Bonner:

1999 San Francisco Tet booklet, newspaper clippings, issues of Asianweek (September 11, 1998, March 11, 1999); Viäet Mercury (March 3, 1999); pamphlets, and other ephemera.

Chung Hoang Chuong:

The Book of Perceptions, photography by Chung Hoang Chuong and poetry by Trong Tran (Kearny Street Workshop, 1999).

Yen & Laura Do:

1999 Nguoi Viet Yearbook and Nguoi Viet Giai Pham Xuan Ky Mao 1999.

Mark C. Goniwiecha:

Articles concerning Vietnam War era Amerasians in Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam from the Pacific Daily News (Guam), Pacific Sunday News (Guam), The Nation (Bangkok), Sangkhomsat Parithat, San Francisco Examiner, and SRRT Newsletter (American Library Association).

Craig T. Huynh:

The Vietnamese Experience in America, by Paul Routledge (Indiana University Press, 1992) and Hearts of Sorrow, by James Freeman (Stanford University Press, 1989).

Vannarith Lam:

Program for 1998 Central California Forum on Refugee Affairs Employer Recognition Dinner and refugee scholarship fundraiser; information on the Forum's Community Gardens Project: "Beyond Hunger."

Le Van Khoa:

The Beautiful Bamboo: a Collection of Vietnamese Folk Songs and Art Songs, compiled, arranged and composed by Le Van Khoa (1999); program for "The Beautiful Bamboo" concert, May 23, 1999, Golden West College.

Heat Chheng Leao:

Cambodian Folk Tales from the Gatiloke, retold by Muriel Paskin Carrison (C. E. Tuttle, 1987).

Ly Kien Truc:

Photographs of the Hi Tek Video & VCR demonstrations; Van Hoa (vol.1:9-3:25, October 1997- May 1999).

Brigitte Marshall:

Government and international organization documents, reports of site visits relating to Hmong refugees in Thai refugee camps and living near the Thai-Lao border; materials on refugee mental health, Hmong language and medicine, and Hmong resettlement in the Fresno and Seattle areas.

Gayle Morrison:

Viet Kieu in the United States: Political and Economic Activity, by Douglas Pike (Texas Tech University, The Vietnam Center, rev. 1998); Vietnam Archive Holdings, as of April 1, 1999; "Vietnam and the United States' goals in the war," by Nguyen Dinh Uoc (text of talk given at April 1999 Texas Tech Vietnam Symposium); selected 1998 issues of the Hmong Tribune & the Bangkok Post.

Chris Nguyen:

"The Gift," program for May 8, 1999 UCI VSA cultural night.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Hoa Sen (no. 36, Feb 1999) ; Giac Ngo (nos. 35-36, February-March 1999); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo (nos. 148-150,153-155, January-March 1999); and Duc Me (no. 153, April 1999).

Linh Nguyen:

Nhung Buoc Chan Tu, by Chang Trung (1989).

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, February-April 1998.

Nguyen Sy Te:

His Chants d'Ya: Poemes ressuscites de la memoire d' un proscrit (1997).

Thien-An Nguyen:

Publications from Nguoi Dan Publishers:

Luy Tre Xua:

Truyen Ky and Ao Voïng Mua Thu (1993), by Hoang Thi; Behind the Bamboo Hedges, by Mai Phuong (1996); Mua Thu Cuoi Loi (1994) and An Oc Noi Mo, by Hoang Hon (Vietbooks, 1998).

Thy Pech:

Book of short stories and poetry in the Khmer language (1999).

Quang X. Pham:

Why Vietnam still matters: The war and the wall (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 1996); Voices from the wall (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 1998).

Howie Phan:

His book of poetry, Thien Duong Chuong Giay, by Phan Nhien Hao (Tan Thu, 1998).

Sterlyn B. Steele:

Pirates on the Gulf of Siam, by Nhat Tien, Duong Phuc, Vu Thanh Thuy (Boat People S.O.S Committee, 1981).

Dr. Bich Tran:

ALA Glossay of Library and Information Science, Vietnamese (Galen Press, 1996); The Indochinese and Their Culture, by Huynh Dinh Te (San Diego State University, 1988); Tuyen-tap Ngon-Ngu va Van-Hoc Viet-Nam=Essays on Vietnamese Language and Literature, vol.2 (Dong Viet, 1994).

Tran Viet An Cuu:

His Bay Nam Tren Dat Tay Taïng (1997?).

Daniel Tsang:

The Spring 1999 issue of Gidra, which contains the article "Seeing Red in Little Saigon," by Tran Quang Nguyen.

Van Nghe Publishers:

1999 publications: Nguoi Trung Quoc Xau Xi, by Ba Duong; But Khao ve Xuan, tap 1 & 2!, by Le Van Lan; Chuyen lao tuong phat Di Lac va nang Nam May, by Pham Thi Hoai; Duoi Bong Tu Bi, by Thien Xuan & Inna Malkhanova; Co Rom va Nhung Truyen Ngan, by Tran Mong Tu; Hoi Ky Viet Tren "Gac But," by Nguyen Thuy Long; Ho Chi Minh Tai Trung Quoc, by Tuong Vinh Kinh.

Vo Van Diem:

New Year publications from Viet Nam: Tuoi Tre Xuan'99 Ky Mao; Saigon Tiep Thi , Chuc Mung Nam Moi Xuan Ky Mao 1999.

Wayne E. Wright:

His M.A. thesis, The education of Cambodian American students in the Long Beach Unified School District: A language and educational policy analysis, (CSU Long Beach, 1998); selected issues of Phom Penh Post (1992-1996); Cambodian Daily (1993-1994, 1998); Cambodian Times (October 31, 1993); Reaksmey Kampuchia (May 23-June 14, 1994); Voice of the Khmer Citizens (May 31, 1994); Morning News (May 27, 1994); Island of Peace (June 17, 1994); Voice of Cambodia (May & August 1993); Mitophoum:

Cambodian Monthly Magazine (1991-1992); Ponleu Khmer (1991); Khemarak Ekapheap (April 1992); Cambodian Business Directory (1989, 1991, 1995,1996); The Book of Morman (in Khmer); publications from organizations & government agencies; Mines Awareness Program posters, newspaper clippings on disc from the Los Angeles Times & the Long Beach Press Telegram.

We are very grateful to the donors who have been contributing the following publications to the Southeast Asian Archive on a continuous basis: Duoc Tu Bi, Hop Luu, Huong Van, Nguoi Dan, Non Song, Suordsey, Van, Van Hoc, Viet Nam Dan Chu, Vietnam Democracy. Our apologies to any donors inadvertently not listed; we truly appreciate your support.