New Student Assistant

Tran Phuong Pham Salutations! Well, I suppose introductions are in order, aren't they? Let's start with something easy. Ahhh...yes. My name is Tran Phuong Pham and I'm one of the three student assistants working here at the SEAA. [Tran joins Lien Lam and Tracy Tran]. I am a junior majoring in Biology (surprise! surprise!), but I may go on to minor in Political Science.

Although I was conceived in Vietnam, I was born here in California. So I've never really seen Vietnam except in photographs or images in films. I know of Vietnam and its history through folktales and books. But as informative as those are, I hope that one day I will experience Vietnam, to ride the cyclos, eat authentic Vietnamese food and talk to the people. (hopefully my English accent won't be too bad), and simply watch the sun rise and set in Vietnam's enchanting country.