Selected New Acquisitions

Benson, Janet E. (1994).

The effects of packinghouse work on Southeast Asian refugee families. In Louise Lamphere, Alex Stepik & Guillermo Grenier (Eds.), Newcomers in the workplace: immigrants and the restructuring of the U.S. economy (pp. 99-123). Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Concerns Lao and Vietnamese families in Garden City, Kansas who work in the meat-packing industry.

Bulk, Jac C. (1995).

American Hmong on the move. Paper presented at the 1995 National Symposium on Refugees, San Antonio.
Conference Papers File
Examines the factors underlying Hmong settlement patterns in the U.S. between 1983-1990 due mainly to secondary migration.

Conquergood, Dwight. (1992).

Fabricating culture: the textile art of Hmong refugee women. In Elizabeth C. Fine & Jean Haskell Speer (Eds.), Performance, culture, and identity (pp. 207-248), Westport, CN: Praeger.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Considers pa ndau textile art as dialogical performances used by Hmong refugees to present their identity as a displaced people.

Du Phuoc Long, with Laura Ricard. (1996).

The dream shattered: Vietnamese gangs in America. Boston: Northeastern University Press.
HV6439 D8 1996 Southeast Asian Archive
Based on his experiences as a counselor to delinquent Southeast Asian youth in Northern California, the author focuses on the causes for crime among Southeast Asian youths.

Kapiniaris Tan, Terpsichore N. (1987).

Lao adolescents in Honolulu schools: factors contributing to their academic and social adjustment. M.A., University of Hawaii.
Cataloging in Process
Examines the cultural and socio-economic factors which help or hinder successful adaptation. Includes case studies of 18 Lao families.

Lim-Hing, Sharon Julie. (1993).

Vietnamese novels in French: rewriting self, gender and nation. Ph.D., Harvard University.
PQ3977 V5 L56 1993a SE Asian Archive
Discusses the historical and cultural background of novels written in French by Vietnamese authors, as well as analyzing four individual novels ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Living in Exile, made by Cheyney Hales & Kay Reibld. (1994).

Videorecording. Raleigh, N.C.: North Carolina Dept. of Cultural Resources; [Chapel Hill, N.C.: The University of North Carolina Center for Public Television.]
Tells the story of the Montagnard resistance movement in Vietnam and traces the new lives of Montagnard in North Carolina. McKelvey, Robert S. & Webb, John A. Unaccompanied status as a risk factor in Vietnamese Amerasians. Social Science & Medicine 41(2), 261-266.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Studies 75 Vietnamese Amerasians to evaluate the relationship between unaccompanied status and psychological distress before and during migration.

Ratliff, Sharon Kathleen. (1995).

Caring for Cambodian Americans: a multidisciplinary resource for the helping professions. Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Cataloging in Process
Designed to be a resource work for health care and social service providers. Includes cultural data, discussions of healing beliefs and practices, ethical, cultural, social, health and mental health issues. Also included are chapters on the hospitalization experience and communication.

Shooting at the moon: Cambodian peacemakers tell their stories. (1994).

Ainslie Act, Australia: MPA Publishing.
DS554.8 P79 1994 Southeast Asian Archive
Over 75 Khmers and Australian peacekeepers and aid workers were interviewed regarding the rebuilding of Cambodia. Includes many photographs.

Silka, Linda & Tip, Jahnvibol. (1994).

Empowering the silent ranks: the Southeast Asian experience. American Journal of Community Psychology 22(4). 497-529.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Examines the literature on facilitating empowerment in Southeast Asian communities. Comes to the conclusion that many empowerment activities are not consistent with an empowerment perspective. Discusses possible strategies.

Tieng viet men yeu: phan huong-dan giao-su = Vietnamese ...for Vietnamese speakers. (1994-1995).

Teacher's edition. San Jose, CA: East Side Union High School District.
PL4374 T553 1994 Southeast Asian Archive
Three levels of Vietnamese language textbooks aimed at the high school native speaker.

Vietnam: Behind the crisis. [196-?]

Slides to accompany lecture packet number 18. [U.S. Army?] 148 slides of Vietnam.
Scenes of Saigon, rural countryside, agriculture, fishing, factories, schools, religion, arts, etc.