Selected Recent Acquisitions

Christopher A. and David L. Clawson. (1991).

"Versailles: a Vietnamese enclave in New Orleans, Louisiana." Journal of Cultural Geography 12:1, 1- 13.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Examines the cultural center of New Orleans' Vietnamese American population, which is characterized by its Catholicism and rural roots.

Bachti, Siang, InNgeun Baccam Soulinthavong, and Jack Lufkin. (1988, Winter).

"The Tai Dam Immigrate to Iowa". The Palimpsest, 163-172.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Excerpts from oral history interviews and background information about the Tai Dam, an ethnic group from northwest Vietnam who fled to Laos after 1954. Ninety percent of the Tai Dam in the United States (about 10,000) live in Iowa.

Chabot, Richard Carl. (1991).

State influence in the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees in the State of Hawaii. Ph.D., University of Hawaii.

DU 624.7 I7 C52 1991a Southeast Asian Archive

Explores how government policy has affected the formation and activities of Southeast Asian refugee Mutual Assistance Associations.

Charny, Joel R. (1992, July).

NGOs and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Cambodia. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: [s.n., 1992]

HC 442 C48 1992 Southeast Asian Archive

Discusses the activities of non-governmental organizations in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Cambodia since 1979 and their future role.

Gift, Virginia. (1993).

Hanoi Today: Images by an American teacher in Vietnam. Columbia, MD: Ebory. DS 559.93 H36 G54 1993 Southeast Asian Archive
Photographs and essays on culture and daily life.

Hopkins, MaryCarol. (1991).

Learning culture: a Cambodian (Khmer) community in an American city. Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. Cataloging in Process
Studies culture maintenance and new culture acquisition by examining elements of daily life.

Information on the Lao Iu Mien. (1994).

Compiled by Ann Goldman and the Mien staff at Laotian Handicraft Center. Berkeley: Laotian Handicraft Center.
Topics covered are babies, children in Laos, embroidery, spirit money stamps, wedding ceremony, New Year celebration, thoughts on children, cultures in transition.

Kibria, Nasli. (1994).

"Migration and Vietnamese American women: remaking ethnicity." In M.B. Zinn (Ed.), Women of color in U.S. society (pp. 247-261).
Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Explores both the supportive and oppressive elements of ethnic ties and institutions for Vietnamese American women.

Leonelli, Laura. (1987).

We eat what we are: food use patterns of Hmong and Mien in Sacramento, California. M.A., California State University. Sacramento. Cataloging in Process
Study of food in a social context, and how it has played a role in the adaptation of Hmong and Mien people to a new environment.

Lewis, Judith A. (1993).

Hmong Visual, Oral, and Social Design: Innovation within a Frame of the Familiar. M.A., California State University, Sacramento.
Cataloging in Process
Uses four cultural expressions - stitchery, sung poetry, elaborate expressions, and folktales - to examine Hmong culture and social organization.

Nakase, Emi. (1992).

Occupational mobility of Vietnamese refugees in Orange County, California. M.A., California State University, Fullerton.
Cataloging in Process
Compares the economic adaptation of the first and second wave of refugees, based on the results of a survey of 47 Vietnamese living in Orange County.

Selected papers on refugee issues. (1992).

Edited by Pamela A. De Voe. Washington, D.C.: American Anthropology Association.
HV 640 S39 1992 Southeast Asian Archive
Includes papers on Cambodian women in Dallas, Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong, the relationship of refugee employment and health care, Vietnamese college students, Khmer culture preservation, and the Laotian diaspora.
Van Esterik, Penny. Taking Refuge: Lao Buddhists in North America. Tempe:

Program for Southeast Asian Studies, Arizona State University, 1992.

E 49.2 L27 V35 1992 Southeast Asian Archive
Considers lowland Lao refugee adaptation through the perspective of religion, with much of the research conducted among Lao Buddhists in Toronto.
Vietnamese-American Conference, Stanford University, Oct. 20th, 1990. Building our future: proceedings. San Jose, CA: Vietnamese- American Forum, 1990. E 184 V53 V54 1990 Southeast Asian Archive
Contains presentations on economic development, political empowerment, cultural and social issues, prospects for change in Indochina and the role of overseas Vietnamese, Asian-on- Asian crime, and race relations.
Vietnamese Amerasian resettlement: education, employment, and family outcomes in the United States. Report to Congressional requestors. (1994, March) Washington, D.C.: United States General Accounting Office. GAO/PEMD-94-15.
Cataloging in Process
An examination on how Amerasians and their families have adjusted to life in the United States since the Amerasian Homecoming Act was enacted in 1987.