St. Anselm's Amerasian Program Benefit

On Friday, April 15, a fund-raising dinner and entertainment was held at the Lucky House restaurant in Santa Ana to benefit the Amerasian Program at St. Anselm's Cross Cultural Community Center in Garden Grove. This program offers services to the children (now young adults) born to American fathers and Vietnamese mothers during the Vietnam War. Many Amerasians grew up fatherless, and were victims of cultural shame and social harassment. The Amerasian Homecoming Act brought many of these young people to the United States beginning in 1987.

With the end of federal funding, other sources of support must be found to continue this valuable program. Services offered at St. Anselm's include classes in English and job-finding skills, mentoring, health education and advocacy, women's issues and father search. Donations are needed and welcomed. Contact Peter Daniels, St. Anselm's Cross-Cultural Community Center, 13091 Galway Street, Garden Grove, CA 92644; 714/537-0608.