Recent Gifts

Andre Buu Sao:

copies of his La Sapeque Vietnamienne face aux Monnaies Etrangeres; Le Quinquennal des Investissements Etrangers au Vietnam (1989-1993), Tome I: Les Elements du Passif; and its English translation, Five Years of Foreign Investment in Vietnam (1989-1993). Vol. 1: The Element of the Debit.

Dang Phong:

copy of his Thi Truong va Gia Ca Viet Nam:
Tu The Ky XIX Den Nay, 1992.

Hien Duc Do:

video containing his January 1994 trip to Vietnam, Vietnam at the Crossroads; and Stories from the Heart:
History of Vietnamese Refugees, a slide show he produced in 1985 while at UC Santa Barbara.

Nguyen Long:

copy of: 1934-1994: Ky Uc Cua Mot Nguoi Viet - Memoirs of a Vietnamese.

Daniel Tsang:

copy of Report Card on Investment in Vietnam, Vietnamese Professionals Society, 1993.

Van Nghe Publishers:

copies of Ho Chi Minh, Ngo Dinh Diem va Mat Tran Giai Phong, by Ho Si Khue; Viet Nam Mau Lua Que Huong Toi, by Hoanh Linh Do Mau; Tuan Tu, by Gian Chi and Nguyen Hien Le; May Bao, by Ngo The Vinh; and the following titles by Vo Phien: Doi Thoai; Ky, But, Kich Mien Nam I; Truyen Mien Nam, Tap Hai; Viet.
Many thanks to the anonymous individual who left two copies of volume 1:1 of the new publication, Nguoi Viet The Gioi - Viet World Magazine, under the Archive's door. This is a monthly Vietnamese language publication with an English language section. Subscriptions are $36/12 issues or $20/6 issues. The publisher is UNIMEDIA/Viet & World Magazine, 14922 Moran Street, Westminster, CA 92683; 714/892- 2074 (phone), 714/892-2174 (FAX).