Heartfelt Thanks To:

The many individuals and groups, not only in California, but also from other parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia who have contributed materials to the UCI Library  Southeast Asian Archive, including: 

Kim Ha, Tom Wilson, UCI Vietnamese Students Association, Project Ngoc, Tu Man (Van Nghe Publishers), John Chang, Sokkum Kimpau,  Minh Vien, Dr. Cuu Huu Huynh, Nguyen Thanh Long (Phat Giao Hoa Hao), Khoi  Tien Bui, Nguyen Hung Cuong, Le Van Khoa, Do Dinh Tuen  (Van Khoa Books), Yen Do and Dieu D. Le (Nguoi Viet Publishers), Minh Pham (Gia Long Association), Chi Duy Do (Vietnamese Community of Orange County), Loc Ba Nguyen (Vietnamese Community of Orange County), Do Ngoc Tung (Dai Nam Publishers), Vang Pobzeb (Hmong Council Education Committee), Tran Truc Giang, Tri Nguyen, Orange County  Refugee Forum, Bui Quang Hieu (Thong Luan), Nhan Quyen, Anh-Thuan (Vietnam Thoi Bao/The Vietnam Times), Dr. Son Kim Vo, Minh Van Vo, Dorothy J. Freeman, Tam H. Do, Duc Nguyen Au, Nguyen Xuan Duc (Huong Moi), Dong Tien Publishing Co., Nguyen Long, Ruth Shigezawa, Nhan Ni Tan, Le Huy Duc Julien, Le Duy Nhan (Quang Phuc), Le-Huong Pham (Modesto Junior College), Nguyen Mong Giac (Van Hoc), Dang Van Thanh (K.B.C.), Clytia Chambers, Khanh Truong, National United Front for Vietnam, Pauline Bamford (Refugee Mental Health Technical Assistance Center, University of Minnesota), Ed Miskevitch (KOCE), Hoa Nguyen, Thua-Phuong, Irene Pham, Dao Huu Duong, Thua-Phong, Luong Xuan, Le Tan Kiet, Mrs. Nguyen Hien-Le, Khanh Le, Vu-Duc Vuong, Nguyen Dinh Hai, Yen Espiritu, Song Nguyen, Khang Chien, Khai Vanle, Trinh Minh Cao (La Thu Bo Lac), Viet Chi Nhan, Cat Xander (Roosevelt Junior High School, San Diego), Hoang Trong Thuoc, David Frakt, Pham Boi Diep, Muriel M. Shishkoff, Youth and Life, Tan Hoang, Dung Tat Le, Kari Rene Hall, Alta Beaudoin (Bolsa Grande High School), Vu Quynh Bang, Huong Moi, Nguyen Quang, Dr. Robert K. Rheinish, Pamela Nehring (United Methodist Committee on Relief), Viet Chi Nhan, Jack Willoughby, Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California (Non Song), Nguyen Duc Thiep (Song Moi Printing), Nou Malay, Chau Nguyen, Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Hop Luu, Trung Chuan, Mrs. Trung Quang, Tu Chu, Tran Quoc Bao.

My apologies to anyone who has been inadvertently omitted; your contribution has been much appreciated.