Selected Recent Acquisitions

The cement ball of Earth, Heaven, and Hell [videorecording]. (2002).

A Trent Harris production. Salt Lake City: Trent Harris.

DS554.83 R3 C464 2002 SE Asian Archive

Documentary about Aki Ra, a former child soldier in the Khmer Rouge army, who seeks out and destroys landmines in the mine-infested jungles of Cambodia without pay, metal detector, or shield. Ordering information is available at:

Chiu, Jeannie. (2004).

’I salute the spirit of my communities’: Autoethnographic innovations in Hmong American literature. College Literature 31(3), 43-69.

Vertical File

Analyzes various works of Hmong American literature as “self-culture writing,” with examples from ethnographic journalism, literary journals, and children’s books.

Moua, Neng. (2004).

Satisfaction levels among Hmong clients using the services of shamans in Fresno County, California. M.P.H. thesis, California State University, Fresno.

RA448.5 H6 M687 2004a SE Asian Archive

Focuses on elements influencing satisfaction of clients who consult shamans, including use of animals, location of service, and gender of shaman.

Nguyen, Mimi Thi. (2004).

Representing refugees: Gender, nation, and diaspora in “Vietnamese America.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.

E184 V53 N43 2004a SE Asian Archive

Examines the representation of Vietnamese refugees, both culturally and politically, using feminist poststructuralist theories of gender, nation, and modernity.

Sechena, Ruth, et al. (2003).

Asian American and Pacific Islander seafood consumption – a community-based study in King County, Washington. Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 13, 256-266.

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Describes and quantifies seafood consumption of 202 first- and second generation Asian Americans, including Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Mien, and Vietnamese.

VoDoan, Ly Hoang. (2005).

Vietnamese women performing artists: making a song and dance of patriarchal submission. In Laura Lengel, (Ed.), Intercultural communication and creative practice: music, dance, and women’s cultural identity. (pp. 159-176) Westport, Conn: Praeger.

Vertical File

The author is both a performing artist and anthropologist who explores the status of women performers historically in Vietnam and in the diaspora.

Yong, Lynne Ee Lin. (2004).

Resilience in ex-refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Rhode Island.

BF698.35 R47 Y664 2004a SE Asian Archive

The focus of this study is to identify positive coping skills in resilient ex-refugees with the goal of developing intervention programs for future refugees.