New Student Assistants

Hi, my name is Adrian Lafitte. I am one of the student assistants at the SEAA. Presently I am a senior majoring in History. The SEAA is a good place to come if one needs to do research on a class project or if one is curious to learn more about Southeast Asian Americans. If you ever have any time you should come by and check it out, and if you have any questions, Anne Frank is a good source to go to.

Hello! My name is Chau Phạm. I was born and grew up in my lovely country, Vietnam . Coming to the United States has completely changed my view. I started to learn and understand what it means to live in a united country. I started to see different people with different color eyes and hair, and to hear people speak different languages in different areas. I am so interested! Discovering new things has attracted me to two majors, Computer Science and Chemical Engineering. However, before becoming employee in these two areas, I am right now enjoying exploring new things about Vietnam and America . Again, my name is Chau, and it is my pleasure to meet nice and lovely people.