Selected Recent Acquisitions

Beiser, Morton. (2006). Longitudinal research to promote effective refugee resettlement. Transcultural Psychiatry 43(1), 56-71.

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Based on decade-long research of the resettlement of 1300 Southeast Asian refugees in Canada , this article examines research concerning pre-migration trauma, mental health impact of social resources, and individual coping strategies and how it can help shape policy and practice as well as contribute to theory.

Diamond, Catherine. (2005). Red lotus in the twenty-first century: Dilemmas in the Lao performing arts. New Theatre Quarterly 21(1), 34-51.

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Traces the history of three major performing arts in Laos – lam leuang, the Lao opera; lakhontukata, puppetry; and lakhon vao, spoken drama - describes their present state and the difficulties they face to maintain their integrity.

Hein, Jeremy. (2006). Ethnic origins: The adaptation of Cambodian and Hmong refugees in four American cities. New York : Russell Sage Foundation.

E184 K45 H45 2006 Southeast Asian Archive

Focuses on the importance of ethnic origins for immigrants’ adaptation, examining Cambodian and Hmong refugee communities in Chicago , IL ; Milwaukee , WI ; Eau Claire , WI ; & Rochester , MN .

Her, Vincent. (2005). Hmong mortuary practices: Self, place and meaning in urban America .

DS570 M5 H47 2005a SE Asian Archive

Using cultural memory and tradition as context, the author examines Hmong funeral traditions as practiced in the United States .

Nou, Leakhena. (2006). A qualitative examination of the psychosocial adjustment of Khmer refugees in three Massachusetts communities.Boston : Institute for Asian American Studies. (Will be available online in the new JSAAEA at

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Uses a sociological stress model to analyze the responses from three focus groups of Khmer refugees who had experienced the Cambodian genocide.

Phan, Tam. (2005). Interdependent self: Self –perceptions of Vietnamese American youths. Adolescence 40(158), 425-439.

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Examines how Vietnamese American youth view themselves in relation to their families, using in-depth interviews and criterion-based sampling techniques.

Phi, Bao. (2005). Last name first: Poems by Thien-Bao Phi. [ Saint Paul , MN }: n.s.

PS3566 H467 L37 2005 SE Asian Archive

Poems reflecting views on Asian American issues and contemporary society by the Minneapolis-based spoken word artist.

Saechao, Kelly Mouang. (2005). Factors affecting Laotian women’s participation in breast cancer screening. M.P. H thesis, California State University , Fresno .

RC280 B8 S24 2005 Southeast Asian Archive

Provides documentation to determine the factors which could affect Laotian women’s participa-tion in breast cancer screening and confirms the need for developing culturally-tailored programs.

Thomas, Mandy. (2004). Transitions in taste in Vietnam and the diaspora. The Australian Journal of Anthropology 15(1), 54-67.

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Makes the case that food and eating styles have become the leading markers of social change for Vietnamese in Vietnam and overseas.