Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bernard-Johnston, Jean. (1993). Singing the lives of the Buddha: Lao folk opera as an educational medium. Ed.D. dissertation, University of Massachusetts.
LC3501 L36 B47 1993a SE Asian Archive Studies the role of Lao folk opera as a medium for addressing problems of cultural conflict and acculturative stress among lowland Lao refugees in the U.S.

Clarkin, Patrick Francis. (2004). The fetal origins hypothesis and the Hmong diaspora: Effects of warfare, early malnutrition, and later modernization on adult health. Ph.D. dissertation, Binghamton University (SUNY).
RC623 C53 2004a Southeast Asian Archive Studies members of the Hmong diaspora in French Guiana and in the United States who were born during the Second Indochina War (1958-1975).

Collet, Christian. (2005). Bloc voting: Polarization, and the panethnic hypothesis: The case of Little Saigon. The Journal of Politics 67(3), 907-933.
Vertical File
Analyzes Vietnamese American voter registra-tion records and precinct level returns for state and municipal elections between 1998 and 2002.

Giuriati, Giovanni. (2005). Idealization and change in the music of the Cambodian diaspora. In Hae-kyung Um, (Ed.), Diasporas and interculturalism in Asian performing arts: Translating traditions. (pp. 129-143). London: Routledge Curzon.
Vertical File
Considers Khmer traditional music and its role in integrating the Khmer diaspora into new societies as well as the diaspora’s relationship with the home country.

Goetz, David Hai. (2004). Dinh Q. Le and his transcultural tapestries: A weaving across space and time. M.A. Thesis, California State University, Long Beach. N6537 L3956 G64 2004a SE Asian Archive
A study of Vietnamese American artist Dinh Q. Le’s photo-weavings, arguing that they are postmodern tapestries.

Lee, Stacy. (2004). Hmong American masculinities: Creating new identities in the United States. In Nicobe Way & Judy Y. Chu (Eds.). Adolescent boys: Exploring diverse cultures of boyhood, (pp. 13-30). New York: New York University Press.
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Discusses how Hmong high school students express their masculinity in response to messages from both school and ethnic communities.

Marshall, Grant N., et al. (2005). Mental health of Cambodian refugees two decades after resettlement in the United States. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association 294(5), 571-579.
Vertical File
Analyses interviews with trauma-exposed Cambodian refugees, ages 35-75 in Long Beach, with the results that the population continues to have a high rate of psychiatric disorders.

Thach, Chang. (2004). Khmer Kampuchea Krom dilemma: An analysis of the struggles experiences by the Khmer people in South Vietnam and a case study in the United States of America. Ed.D dissertation, University of St. Thomas.
DS556.45 K5 T5 2004a SE Asian Archive
Discusses Khmer Krom cultural history and daily life experiences both in Vietnam and in the United States.

Tranguyen, Trangdai. (2005). Orange County, yellow history: An intimate encounter with Vietnamese American lives. Journal of Archival Organization 2(4), 5-28. Vertical File
Using oral history methodology, the Vietnamese American Project (VAP) documents the personal histories of community members in the context of the Vietnamese American experiences and twentieth century Vietnam.