Hmong Studies Journal Online

Volume 6 (2005) of the Hmong Studies Journal is available online at Included in this issue are eleven articles on Hmong in the worldwide diaspora and in Asia. Among topics addressed are the Hmong in China, the undercount of the Hmong in the U.S. Census, aspects of Hmong culture, the Hmong community in French Guiana, Hmong refugee women, teacher preparation, and parenting experiences. A paper edition of volume six will be available in early 2006.

Article submissions for Volume 7 are now being accepted. The deadline is January 15, 2006. Send articles on diskette or by email to Editor Mark E. Pfeifer, Ph.D, Director, Hmong Resource Center, Hmong Cultural Center, 995 University Ave., Suite 214, Saint Paul, MN 55104;; or to Anne Frank at the Southeast Asian Archive.

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