Paj Ntaub Voice

"Art and Religion in our Living Culture" is the theme of the recently issued combined volume 8:2 and volume 9:1 of the Hmong literary arts journal, Paj Ntaub Voice.  The theme of the next issue, slated to be published in February 2004, is "War."

The journal's new home is the Hmong American Institute for Learning (HAIL) in St. Paul, MN.  Under the leadership of Ms. Mai Neng Moua , HAIL's mission is to promote and preserve Hmong expressive culture.  Besides Paj Ntaub Voice, its programs include developing writers and the Hmong Oral Arts Program, which includes oral history and oral traditions.  Contact Ms. Moua at

A one year subscription to Paj Ntaub Voice  (2 issues) is $20 (U.S. & Canada); $30 (International); $40 (institutional).  Back issues are available.  Make checks payable to HAIL and send to Hmong American Institute for Learning, 2654 Logan Ave., N., Minneapolis, MN 55411; (651) 214-0955;