Recent Gifts

Mitchell I. Bonner:

Ephemeral materials and newspaper articles concerning Southeast Asian American communities in the San Francisco area, with a focus on Laotian American communites.

Professor Jeffrey Brody:

Yến Đỗ and the story of Người Việt Daily News, with Jeffrey Brody, 2003. Copies are available for $10.00 (+ $2.00 shipping & handling) from Người Việt Daily News, 14772 Moran St., Westminster, CA 92683.

Peter Daniels:

Materials concerning the Amerasian Services Program at St. Anselm's Cross-Cultural Community Center, including correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine articles, photos, videotapes; Refugee Forum of Orange County minutes and linkages committee reports.

Julia Gelfand:

"Vietnam files," Rotarian, September 2003 (about Rotary humanitarian projects in Vietnam).

Anne Hoàng:

Poster for concert, "Đoàn văn nghệ dân tộc Lạc Hồng," September 14, 2003, San Diego.

Robert R. Jones III:

Người Việt Yearbook 2002; Nhà Magazine, July 2003.

Khmer Society of Fresno:

2003 calendar with photo of Fresno Cambodian Buddhist temple.

Sody Lay:

Journal articles on Cambodia refugee trauma, Cambodian youth, and Asian American education.

Sinh Quang Lê:

Eleven volumes of the Cụm hoa tình yêu=Flowers of love poetry anthologies, published by the Vietnamese International Poetry Society: eight volumes in Vietnamese (1995-2002), one volume in English (1998) and two Vietnamese, English, and French trilingual volumes (2000, 2002).

Dr. Van Lê:

Periodicals relating to education, refugees, Asian Americans, and the Vietnamese American community.

Lê Văn Ba:

Tiếng thơ hải ngoại thi tập IV, Hương Việt, 2002.

Nick Magalousis:

Hand carved wooden pipe from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, circa 1960s.

Ngô Diễm Đức:

Lưu dân thi thoại: bút luận 25 năm thơ hải ngoại=Selected works of stray immigrants poetry critique, 2003.

Ken Khanh Nguyễn:

Video of the Vietnam War Memorial Dedication Ceremony, Freedom Park. Westminster, Sunday, April 27, 2003,
produced by the Little Saigon Foundation.

Mai Nguyên:

Her 2003 publications: Sĩ phu nước Việt, and Shadow of happiness.

Dr. Nguyễn Đức Nguyên:

Two volumes of Bibliographie des theses de medecine= Bibliography of M.D. theses: Hanoi, 1935-1954, Saigon, 1947-1970 and, Saigon 1971-197, Hue, 1967-1972; correspondence between Dr.
Nguyễn and Dr. Ira Singer, Project Director of the AMA Vietnam Medical Education Project.

Nguyễn Ngọc Bích:

Radiologs and cassette tapes of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, December 1990 -March 2002.

Như-Ngọc T. Ông:

Paper presented at the American Political Science Association annual conference, 2003: "Protest and political incorporation: Vietnamese American protests, 1975-2001": /publication/docs/apsa_proceeding/2003-08-20/2037/apsa_ proceeding_2037.pdf.; video of the presentation of Dr. Nguyễn-Lâm Kim-Oanh, Center for Language Minority Education and Research, CSU Long Beach at the Vietnamese Information Center, October 2002.

Dr. Mark Pfeifer:

2001 and 2002 annual reports for the Hmong Cultural Center, Saint Paul, MN.

Phan Nhiên Hạo:

26 Nhà thơ Việt Nam Đương Đại (2002); Vietnam Bulletin, 1968-1972; books on Việt Nam; Viet-Nam Bulletin, 1968-1972.

Thanong Sithisombath:

Selected 2002-2003 issues of The Asian Pacific News (Thai-Laotian, Norwalk, CA).; Dhamma Sala Bulletin. August-September 1998; Lao language pamphlet from Sengtien, Farmington, N.Y.

Southeast Asian Resource Action Center:

Additional three linear feet of materials relating to Southeast Asian resettlement and Southeast Asian American communities. (See related stories in the winter and spring 2001 issues of the Newsletter.)

Thế Kỷ 21:

May-September 2003 issues.

Quân Tụê Trần:

City of Westminster "Little Saigon District Architectural Vernacular" handout; periodical articles, including two articles on Southeast Asian refugees, photocopies of Viet Forum, June-October 1984, containing "Losers are pirates: A closer look at the PBS A Television History;" ephemeral material, including web page on actor Jonathan Ke Quan, programs for International Viet Youth Conference, 2003, San Diego and a 1999 benefit concert at Orange Coast College.

Trang đài Trần Nguyễn:

Materials relating to the Vietnamese Catholic community, including nos. 5-17,19-27 (2003) of Hiệp Thông, Orange CountyVietnamese Catholic Center newsletter, and newsletters, program, poster, and songbook for the Catholic Vietnamese Youth Convention (VYC 03), held at UCI in July; Tạp chí Kết Đoàn: Tuổi Trẻ Ngày Nay 2003 (Kết Đoàn Association, Silver Springs, MD); Người Việt Yearbook 2002; Nhà Magazine, July 2003; 66 cassette tapes of Vietnamese popular music from the 1980s-1990s.

Daniel Tsang:

Copies of newspaper, journal and internet articles about Southeast Asian Americans and Vietnam.

Professor Linda Trinh Võ:

Copy of video, In America:. Contains "Episode 4: The Vietnamese story." International Channel Networks, 2002; program for Vietnamese American Exposure TV show.

Jack Willoughby:

Asian organized crime: The emerging international threat. Ken Sanz & Associates, 2003.

Christina Woo:

Ten: The Literary Magazine of The Asian American Writer's Workshop, Fall/Winter 2002, which contains the article "New & Now: A revolution beings in Vietnamese American literature," with an introduction by Nina Hà.

Lucy Win:

Her paper, "How stereotypes affect the policing of Asian Americans," Loyola Law School class, Spring 2003.

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