Selected Recent Acquisitions

Glass eye/Metal face Qhov Muag Iav/Ntsej Muag Hlau. [videorecordings]. (2001).

St. Paul, MN: Frogtown Media Productions.
Contents: Slaughtered in Hugo E184 H55 S538 2002; Death in Thailand DS570 M5 D438 2001; Chia Lor: Breast cancer survivor RC280 B8 C45 2001; Troop 100: Boy Scouts of America E184 H55 T766 2002 ; A marriage of abuse; One wife is not enough E184 H55 H566 2002
English and Hmong documentary-style television series on critical issues in the Hmong American community, originally aired on KTCI, Twin Cities Public television , Channel 17.

Keodara-Kerdkunchon, Vannasone. (2002).

The leaf, not yet falling. [videorecording]. MFA project, School of Visual Arts, New York City.
Cataloging in Process
Documentary film of childhood memories, sweet and bitter, of Laos, the filmmaker's homeland, and her struggles to adopt to a new culture.

Levy, Michael. (2000).

Portrayal of Southeast Asian refugees in recent American children's books. Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press.
PS153 A84 L48 2000 Southeast Asian Archive
Analyzes the representation of Southeast Asian cultures and events, in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, as well as in the United States.

Mckinley, Kathy Marie. (2002).

Ritual, performativity and music: Cambodian wedding music in Phnom Penh. Ph.D dissertation, Brown University.
ML345 C3 M38 2002a SEA Asian Archive
A study of the significance in the wedding ceremony of phleng kar, the traditional Cambodian wedding music, with an ethnographic account of the contemporary Khmer wedding ceremony.

Miller, Douglas and Houston, Douglas. (2003).

Distressed Asian American neighborhoods. *AAPI Nexus, 1 (1), 67-84.
Journal Articles and Book chapters File
Gives information on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Asian American low income neighborhoods, including predominantly Southeast Asian communities in Long Beach, Lowell, New Orleans, Orange County, Sacramento, St. Paul, and Stockton.

Nguyễn, Cúc. (2002).

The voice of an invisible Vietnamese woman: Everyday life painting in the art of Bé Ký. M.A. thesis, CSU Long Beach.
Cataloging in Process
Uses a socio-psychological point of view in analyzing the life and art of Bé Ký, a South Vietnamese artist and Orange County resident since 1989.

Nguyễn-Lâm, Kim Oanh. (2002).

Recruitment, preparation, and retention of teachers of color: The Southeast Asian American teachers' experience. Ph.D. dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies.
LB2331.73 C2 N46 2002a SE Asian Archive
Results show that language, culture, and race issues are not adequately addressed in teacher education programs. Points out the need for critical dialogues as a research tool.

Trương, Trinh Thị. (2001).

Hmong and Vietnamese women's perception of domestic violence: An exploratory study. M.S.W. thesis, California State University, Fresno.
HV6626.22 F8 T78 2001a SE Asian Archive
Uses case studies to examine domestic abuse in the context of life experiences and cultural beliefs. Shows that age and culture influence help-seeking methods and perception of causes.

Experiences of Operation Babylift adoptees (2003).

[videorecording]. American Museum of Natural History, producer, Janet Gardner.
Washington, D.C.: National Cable Satellite Corp.; West Lafayette, IN: C-SPAN.
HV875.58 V5 E974 2003 SE Asian Archive
Vietnamese adoptees talk about their experiences following Operation Babylift, their upbringing in the United States, and their views on being Vietnamese American.

*A new journal published by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. Contact the Center at (310) 825-2968; for more information.