Selected Recent Acquisitions

Boteler, Kenneth Delbert. (1997).

Love, marriage and death: A study of change in the Vietnamese and American cultures.
E184 V53 B68 1997a SE Asian Archive
Discusses how the concept of romantic love has affected attitudes towards death in American and Vietnamese American cultures, using ethnologies, oral histories and a questionnaire to study the Vietnamese community in Southern California.

Branfman, Fred. (1979).

The old man: A biographical account of a Lao villager. Amherst: International Area Studies Program, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Christiansburg, VA: Reprinted by Dalley Book Service.
DS555.83 D68 B73 1979b SE Asian Archive
Forms a picture of rural life in Laos in the late 1960s when the author resided in a village near Vientiane.

Conrad, Marijean Bryant. (1997).

Myth of the model student: Southeast Asian children in Connecticut middle schools: Exploratory multi-site case study. Ed.D dissertation, University of Bridgeport.
LC3501 Ò54 C66 1997a SE Asian Archive
Describes, analyzes and compares the experiences of children, teachers, and administrators in a cross section of communities where Southeast Asian students are a small minority.

Grieshaber, Kate. (1994).

Cambodian music: Perspectives on an endangered species. In Heath Lees (Ed.), Musical connections: Tradition and change. Proceedings of the 21st World Conference of the International Society for Music Education, held in Tampa Florida, USA (pp. 35-41). Auckland, NZ: ISME.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses attempts to reconstitute Khmer musical traditions in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the differences between traditional and new music.

Guffin, Robert Andrew. (1997).

A comparative study of selected cultural values of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese (USA), and the United States of America. Ph.D. dissertation, Colorado Technical University.
HD70 V5 G84 1997a SE Asian Archive
Results and analysis of a questionnaire measuring the cultural values of Power Distance, Individualism (collectivism), and Time.

Harrison, Pat. (1991).

Village Park: Site planning for a medium-density, low-income rental project for Laotian refugees in Sacramento, California. Housing and Society, 18(3), 39-51.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses the process of designing a project for Hmong and Iu-Mien families, that balances assimilation into the larger community with cultural maintenance.

O'Hare, Thomas & Tran, Thanh Van. (1998).

Substance abuse among Southeast Asians in the U.S.: Implications for practice and research. Social Work in Health Care, 26(3), 69-80.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
A literature review on substance abuse among Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese in the U.S.; makes tentative recommendations for assessment, treatment and further research.

Vu, Kay Y. (1997).

The hearing eye and the seeing eye. M.A. thesis, California State University, Fresno.
DS555.45 M5 V8 1997a SE Asian Archive
Essays on life in Laos and growing up in America as a Hmong American daughter and woman.

Whorton, Brad. (1997).

The transformation of refugee policy: Race, welfare, and American political culture, 1959-1997. Ph.D dissertation, University of Kansas.
HV640.4 U54 W48 1997a SE Asian Archive
Analyses the changes in refugee policy starting in the 1970s, the role of U.S. domestic race and welfare issues in these changes, and the impact on Cuban and Vietnamese refugees.