Recent Gifts

Mitchell Bonner:

Ephemeral materials, newspaper articles, and photographs concerning the Southeast Asian communities in the San Francisco and East Bay area, including copies of the newsletters SPPLA News (Sum Phun Phi-nong Lao Association) and GayViet News; photographs of the Khmu Women's Association and Lao 1999 New Year events.

Danh D. Bui:

$100 donation.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

Correspondence and journal articles from the 1960s and 1970s on the effects of herbicides in South Vietnam.

Carol Chai:

41 titles (books, pamphlets, and periodicals) on Buddhism. Itemized list available on request.

Dona K. Delfin:

1999 issues of the Asian American Register, (Fountain Valley, CA).

Hiep hoi Dan chu va Phat trien Vietnam, Warstein, Germany:

June 1999 issue (so 15) of Dan chu & phat trien.

Hoang Ngoc Tuc:

VNCR Yearbook, 1999-2000 (Orange County Vietnamese language radio station).

Professor Ketu Katrak:

Article on Hmong student activist, Thao Mee Xiong, in the Spring 1998 issue of Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly: "Top team recognition," by Insiya Rasiwala.

James Lam:

Offprint of article in the March/April 1999 supplement to the Journal of Health Education, vol. 30:2: Foo, Mary Ann, et al. "Identifying policy opportunities to increase physical activity in the Southeast Asian community in Long Beach, California," pp. 58-63.

Binh P. Le:

His Asian gangs bibliography, The Community Policing Consortium, 1997.

Kristin Lundberg:

Her M.A. thesis, Becoming a Hmong herb lady, California State University, Chico, 1996.

Ly Van Truc:

Van Hoa, vol. 3:28-29 (June/July-August /September 1999).

Nganh Van Nguyen (Nganh Mai):

His Co gai Viet va nguoi chien Binh my, 1996, and A Vietnamese girl and an American soldier, English translation by Le Tu Vinh, 1998.

Chris Nguyen:

UCI "Vietnamese American Coalition 1998-1999 Memory Book" and "1998-1999 Memories set to music" CD; UCI Vietnamese American Student Association spring quarter 1999 newsletter, "Voice VSA;" 11th annual Little Saigon Tet festival 1999 program; Vietnow, March/April 1997 issue; Asian American panethnicity: Bridging institutions and identities, by Yen Le Espiritu, 1992; Asian Americans, by Joann Faung Jean Lee, 1992.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, February-April 1998.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Vietnamese Buddhist and Catholic periodicals: Duc Me, no. 154-156 (May-July 1999); Duoc Tu Bi, no. 57 (Spring 1999); Giao Diem, no. 32-33 (Winter-Summer 1999); Giac Ngo, nos. 37-38 (April-May 1999); Nguyet San Giac Ngo; no. 39 (June 1999); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, nos. 156-168 (March-June 1999); Hoa Sen, no. 37 (May 1999); Phap Bao, nos. 52-53 (1999); Phat Giao Hai Ngoaï, no. 17 (1999); Phat Giao Viet-Nam, no. 107 (June 1999); Vien Giac, no. 110 (April 1999).

Peter Nguyen:

Program for the Mile Square Park (Fountain Valley, CA) Tet Trung Thu, Children's Mid-Autumn Festival, September 20, 1999.

Nguyen Luu-Trong, M.D.:

His book of poetry, Tho mua.

Jimmy Pham:

How to enjoy your stay in Plum Village: A guide to the practices & activities, put together by the monks & nuns of Plum Village (Thích Nhat Hanh).

Julie Pham:

Her interview with Orange County lawyer/activist, Mr. Quoc Lan Nguyen for the 1998 UCI summer session course, "Asian Americans in California Politics;" her 1999 UCI paper on the Little Saigon Hi-Tek Video demonstrations.

Le-Hong Pham:

Two books by Thich Thien Chau: The literature of the Personalists of early Buddhism (1997), and Phat Tu (1996); brochure from the Truc-Lam Buddhist Institute, Villebon-sur-Yvette , France.

Minh P. Pham:

Photographs of the Pham Quynh Symposium, Westminster, May 1999, and May-August 1999 issues of The Ky 21.

Madame Pham Thi Hoan:

Books by Pham Quynh: Pham-Quynh, 1892-1992: tuyen tap va Di cao (1992); Hanh trinh nhat ky (1997); Viet-nam, l'aâme et essence (1997); and Tim-hieu tap-chi Nam-Phong, 1917-1934, by Pham Thi Ngoan (1993).

Professor Karen Pyke:

Her 1999 article, "The normal American family as an interpretive structure of family life among grown children of Korean and Vietnamese immigrants," in press for Journal of Marriage and the Family.

James I. Ridgeway:

Refugee orientation materials, news clippings, and materials pertaining to refugee social service and educational organizations form the 1970s and early 1980s. Focus is on Southeast Asian refugee resettlement in Texas and Oklahoma.

Ken Sanz:

An assessment of Southeast Asian Criminality, by Ken Sanz and Pete Francisco, 1998.

Thanong Sithisombath:

Paxasinh Lao Monthly Magazine, nos. 28-29 (November-December 1998-January-February 1999).

Joe Tip:

Poster for student organization CHOPE (Cambodian Humanitarian Organization for Peace on Earth).

Floriana Franchi Tiscali:

Her 1999 thesis, Introduzione alla letteratura Vietnamita Americana: Lan Cao, Il Universita delgi Studi di Roma, Tor Vergata.

Dr. Tran Si Lam:

Huong Van magazine, vol. 7 (August 1999).

Daniel Tsang:

Article in the September 1999 issue of Orange Coast:

The Magazine of Orange County:

"Your art, my propaganda," by Bob Emmers. [Bowers Museum exhibition]

Van Nghe Publishers:

1999 publications: Van hoc Mien Nam, by Vo Phien; Nhu nhung ngon gio, by Nguyen Huy Thiep; 100 nam phat trien tieng Viet, by Phung Nghi; Tap truyen ngan, by Tran Thi Ngh; Nhung hat dau biet nhay, by Lam Thanh Huyen, Pham Hue dich.

Dr. Vang Pobzeb:

Lao Human Rights Council Inc. Report on the fact-finding mission to Napho Refugee Camp, Thailand, August 1999, and copies of correspondence relating to the report.

Jack Willoughby:

Copies of his 1999 articles for the International Association of Asian Crime Investigators Newsletter, and the Florida Association of Asian Crime Investigators Newsletter; Nomadic Vietnamese armed robbery, by William L. Cassidy, 1991.

Yale University Press:

1999 paperback edition of Children of Cambodia's killing fields, compiled by Dith Pran.

Sincere thanks to all our donors. Our apologies to donors who inadvertently have not been acknowledged here. Your support is truly appreciated.