New Collections

The Southeast Asian Archive was delighted to welcome the following collections to its holdings during the last few months.

Lao Family Community Inc.: Gayle Morrison, acting director of the former Lao Family Community Inc. in Santa Ana, has donated materials relating to the agency and refugee services in Orange County. Included are agency records, ESL and “living skills” course materials, reports and studies from refugee organizations (e.g., Refugee Resource Center, Refugee Policy Group, Women’s Program Development and Coordination Project), Center for Applied Linguistics publications, ORR documents and studies; newsletters, journals and newspaper articles concerning refugee resettlement.

Project Ngoc (PN): Nga Nicole Nguyen, 1996-1997 co-chair, has donated the organization’s archives on behalf of PN. Project Ngoc disbanded in Spring 1997 after 10 years of raising awareness, advocating for Vietnamese asylum seekers, and providing direct relief through fundraising and sending volunteers to refugee camps in Hong Kong. Included in the collection are PN’s records and correspondence, photographs, slides, and videotapes of refugee camps and advocacy activities in the United States, published and unpublished materials from human rights and refugee organizations, and newspaper articles from the South China Morning Post. A distinctive part of the donation is PN’s collection of paintings and drawings by refugee artists in the camps.

Southeast Asian Genetics Program (SEAGEP): Dr. Kenneth W. Dumars, program director, has donated papers and videotapes relating to the UC Irvine College of Medicine, Division of Developmental Disabilities and Clinical Genetics, Southeast Asian Genetics Program. SEAGEP (1984-1991) was organized to identify needs and to provide services for members of Southeast Asian communities regarding birth defects, developmental disabilities, and inherited disorders; and to conduct community and cross-cultural education. Included are materials concerning data collection, thalassemia screening, genetic services, development of educational materials, and historical/cultural data about the Cham and other ethnic Southeast Asian communities.