Selected Recent Acquisitions

Chuong, Chung Hoang. (1998).

Vietnamese American studies: Notes toward a new paradigm. In Lane Ryo Hirabayashi (Ed.), Teaching Asian America: Diversity and the problem of community. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Surveys the growth of Vietnamese American studies in the U.S. and examines program models for the postresettlement era.

Hassoun, Jean-Pierre. (1997).

Hmong du Laos en France: Changement social, initiatives et adaptations. Paris: Presses universitaires de France.
DC718 A74 H37 1997 SE Asian Archive
Discusses the cultural assimilation and social customs of France’s 10,000 Hmong refugee population.

Henry, Rebecca Rose. (1996).

Sweet blood, dry liver: diabetes and Hmong embodiment in a foreign land. Ph.D. dissertation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
E184 H55 H46 1996a Southeast Asian Archive
Studies the experiences of chronic illness (diabetes) among elderly Hmong and their families; focuses on the central role of the siab or liver in defining how one feels socially as well as medically.

Jowitt, Deborah. (1996).

Celestial dancers on American soil. Dance Magazin, 70(1), 72-77.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses the Cambodian Artists Project, which started at Jacob’s Pillow in 1991 with the purpose of preserving, developing, and passing on Cambodia’s court dance tradition.

Lee, Stacy J. (1997).

The road to college: Hmong American women’s pursuit of higher education. Harvard Educational Review, 67(4), 803-827.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Examines the racial, economic, and cultural factors that have helped or hindered Hmong women who are pursuing or completed higher education.

Lynch, Maureen Jessica. (1997).

The experience of Southeast Asian refugee families: An exploration of family identity. Ph.D. dissertation, Oregon State University, 1997.
HV640.5 A78 L95 1997a Southeast Asian Archive
Studies how becoming refugees has affected six Cambodian and four Vietnamese families’ sense of family identity.

Nguyen, Tuong Cat. (1986).

Religious influences on psychosomatic disorders among Vietnamese Buddhist and Catholic refugees. Ph.D. dissertation, California Graduate Institute, Los Angeles.
E184 V53 N489 1986 Southeast Asian Archive
Studies the effect of religious intrinsic and extrinsic motivations on psychosomatic formation and resolution among Vietnamese refugees.

The Royal Family of Laos [videorecording]. (1996).

Chicago, IL: B.P. Video.
DS555.84 R69 1996 Southeast Asian Archive
Documents the 1996 official visit of the exiled Lao Royal Family to Minnesota. Includes a welcoming ceremony, a banquet with a baci ceremony, speeches by Prince Sauryavong and Prince Soulivong, and Lao and Hmong traditional dances.

Sin, Bo Chun. (1991).

Socio-cultural, psychological and linguistic effects on Cambodian students’ progress through formal schooling in the United States. Ph.D. dissertation, Boston College.
LC2633.3 S36 1991a Southeast Asian Archive
Examines the life histories of 15 Cambodian refugee students to document factors leading to the high drop-out rate of Cambodian refugee students.

Thompson, Ashley. (1993).

Oh Cambodia! Poems from the border. New Literary History, 24(3), 519-544.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Poems and images by refugees in Site 2 camp, accompanied by historical background and a personal essay by the author.

Tran, Carolee Giaouyen. (1997).

Domestic violence among Vietnamese refugee women: prevalence, abuse characteristics, psychiatric symptoms, and psychosocial factors. Ph.D. dissertation. Boston University.
HV6626.2 T73 19971 Southeast Asian Archive
Study of 65 women; among the findings are the high correlation of domestic abuse with depression and postraumatic stress disorder.

Ying, Yu-Wen & Akutso, Phillip D. (1997).

Psychological adjustment of Southeast Asian refugees: The contribution of sense of coherence. Journal of Community Psychology, 25(2), 125-139.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Examines the experience of life as comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful among Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong , and Chinese Vietnamese refugees.