Recent Gifts

Steve Soulinhakhath Arounsack:

SatJaDham, A Lao Literary Group: Collected Writings, vol . 2, 1998.

Jane Burhoe:

Her paper, Characteristics of cultural adaptation and the emergence of new identities among Southeast Asian refugees in the United States, presented at the annual conference of the Association of Asian American Studies, Honolulu, 1998.

Julien Calvier:

His Les Cambodgiens en France, 1997? (Dept. of Geography, Sorbonne).

Lien Doan:

Scouting periodicals: Bach Ma, June 1998; Dan-Than, June 1998; Giup-Ich, July 1998; Lien Lac, nos. 24, Sept. 1997, 26-28, March, June, Sept. 1998; Vung Hong, nos. 13-15, 1997-1998.

Free Vietnam Alliance:

Copies of Vietnam Democracy, April-September 1998.

Hien Giang:

Vietnam, a tourist guide, Hanoi, 1992.

Cuong Quy Huynh:

Updated version of his paper, Dissemination of HIV/AIDS information in the Vietnamese community, 1998.

Ngo and Khang Lai:

Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Orange County 1998 Vietnamese Business Directory.

Simon Leung:

Announcement and exhibition catalog for his project, Surf Vietnam, 28 June-16 August 1998, Huntington Beach, CA.

Nhi Lieu:

Her paper, Fashioning identities through performance: memory, nostalgia, and the hegemony of "Paris by Night" videos, presented at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies, Honolulu, 1998.

Richard Mackie:

His Operation New Life: the Untold Story, 1998. (Concerns Vietnamese refugees evacuated to Guam in 1975).

Brigitte Marshall:

Copies of Myths, legends and folk tales from the Hmong of Laos, 1992; The Hmong: 1987-1995, a selected and annotated bibliography, by J. Christina Smith, 1996; Dab neeg xau nws luaj li cas tiag?, 1990; Literacy health manual: English/Hmong (Experiment in International Living), 1986; Grandmother's path, grandfather's way, by Lue Vang & Judy Lewis, 1990; Leaving (Yosemite Middle School, Fresno, CA), 1986; Hmong sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome: a cultural study, by Bruce Bliatout, 1982; Stories in thread: Hmong pictorial embroidery, (book & cassette), 1989; Voices of challenge, (video), 1989.

Locke Morrisey:

Two articles in the Ford Foundation Report, Spring/Summer 1998: "Women in the new Vietnam: new opportunities and struggles," by Theodora Lurie; and "Vietnam takes a new turn," by John Ambler.

Gayle Morrison:

"The Hmong: a struggle in the sun," special section reprinted from the Fresno Bee, 1984; Career development for Indochinese: a curriculum guide, San Jose City College, 1980; Medical guide & glossary, Indochinese Cultural & Service Center, Portland, OR, 1980 (English. Cambodian, Laotian, & Vietnamese editions); Indochinese Refugee Forum of Orange County, Services Directory, 1980; Fresno County Refugee Plan, 1990; Fresno County Annual planning information, 1990; The Hmong Record (Fresno), April 1998; The Vietnam Business Journal, March/April 1995; materials relating to Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese students in Orange County, 1991 NAFEA conference; the 1993 Cambodian elections; newspaper articles from the Bangkok Post, Fresno Bee, Pacific Rim News, Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, February 1997-July 1997.

Hung Nguyen & Sam Vorachack:

Materials concerning the San Diego Police Department Indochinese Community Relations Office.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Copies of Duc Me, 143-146, 1998; Giao Diem, 29-30, 1998; Nguyet San Giac Ngo, 26-28, 1998; Nguyet San Muc Vu, 169 1998; Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, 105-106, 110-124 1998; Vien Giac, 105, 1998; Chan Troi Moi, August 1998; Niem Phat Thap Yeu, 1990 & Thinh Do Thap Nghi Luan, 1985, by Thich Thien Tam.

Dr. Quan Q. Nguyen:

Nhan Ban, 1998 (Annandale, VA).

Grace L. Orozco:

Her paper, The impact of acculturation on the ethnic identity of Hmong refugees in the United States, presented at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies, Honolulu, 1998.

Thy Pech:

Proleung Khmer, vol. 3, 1997 (United Cambodian Students of UCLA); Perspective, vol. 1, no. 1, September 1998 (Cambodian Student Society of CSU Long Beach); Human Rights and Development, issue no. 1, 1993 (The Human Rights and Community Outreach Projects of Cambodia, Bangkok).

Dr. Frank Proscham:

Lao Viet Khmer, 1981-1983, and Que Me/Homeland, 1978-1979 (newsletters from Texas); Indochinese News, 1986-1987, 1992 (Stockton, CA); Houston's Asian American Organizations, 1983; Southeast Asian Refugee Resource Directory for San Joaquin County, CA, 1987; Morning and Evening Chanting, 1981, Pali & English, used by the Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Maryland; four workshop booklets for the Santa Barbara, CA County Schools Indochinese Technical Assistance Project, 1981.

Prany Sananikone:

Hommage a sa majeste Sri Savang Vatthana, roi du Lane Xang, 1990 (L'Association Fa-Ngum & la Fondation Sri Savang Vatthana, France).

Karen Scott:

1998 Kaleidoscope Multicultural Festival program (Multicultural Arts Council of Orange County); Vietnamese community culture & people, Kaleidoscope Festival 1998.

Eric Sing:

Long Beach Police Department publication: Police officers' cultural guide to the Indochinese communities.

Thanong Sithisombath:

Paxasinh Lao Monthly Magazine, 25, 1998; Atan heng pongai, by Dork Ked, Vientiane, 1995.

Beth Sibley:

"Libraries in Cambodia: rebuilding a past and a future," by Margaret A. Bywater. IFLA Journal, 24 (1998)

Daniel Tsang:

Copies of online articles concerning Southeast Asian communities.

Mrs. An Van Tran:

Vien khach: kich va tho, by Hoa Thu Le Nuuyen Linh, Hanoi, 1997.

Dr. Tran Si Lam:

Huong Van, Vol. 3, September 1998.

Viet Nam California Radio:

VNCR Yearbook, 1998-99, Garden Grove, CA.

Min Zhou:

Her paper, Coming of age: the current situation of Asian American children, presented at the Association of Asian American Studies annual conference, Honolulu, 1998.

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