Project Ngoc's Farewell

For ten years Project Ngoc has raised awareness and funds for Vietnamese refugees in the camps of Southeast Asia and has been a strong advocate for human rights. "A Decade of Dedications" was the theme for Project Ngoc's gala farewell event, held at the Emerald Bay Seafood Restaurant on April 13. Past officers and members of PN were present, including founder Tom Wilson, as well as many people from the Vietnamese community. One of the highlights of the evening was an auction of a painting from PN's collection of refugee artwork. All proceeds from the evening went to help the remaining refugees in Hong Kong. Project Ngoc also donated a painting, "The Rose," to the UCI Library Southeast Asian Archive.

With the resettlement or repatriation of most Vietnamese refugees Project Ngoc is disbanding as of the end of the 1996-1997 academic year. For the ten years of its existence Project Ngoc has made a difference in the lives of many refugees and has made the UCI community aware of their plight. Project Ngoc will not be forgotten.