Selected Recent Acquisitions

Breyer, Chloe Anne. (1993).

Meets Religious liberty in law and practice: Vietnamese home temples and the first amendment. Baylor Law Review 35(2), 367-401. Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Analyzes the free exercise case of a Vietnamese home temple. "Chua Lien Hoa," in Garden Grove, California, coming to the conclusion that the "balancing test" rather than the "strict neutrality" test best balances the interests of the two sides.

Ha, Kim. (1997).

Meets Stormy Escape: a Vietnamese woman's account of her 1980 flight through Cambodia to Thailand. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland. DS559.912 K5613 1997 Southeast Asian Archive
Personal story of a land refugee and her family, their escape from Vietnam to a Thai refugee camp and eventually resettlement in California.

Lam, Le Trinh. (February 27, 1997).

Meets Hanoi tightens its policy towards the Vietnamese diaspora. Nguoi Viet Weekly English Section, B4 & B6. Newspaper Clippings File
Analysis of the role and contribution of the Vietnamese expatriate community in the United States to the democratization of Vietnam, by a former Cabinet officer and college professor in Saigon.

Mayoury, Ngaosyvathn. (1993).

Meets Lao women yesterday and today. [Vietiane]: Mayuri Ngaosivat. HQ1750.4 M398 1993 Southeast Asian Archive
Historical study of the status of women in Laos. Bilingual text.

Nwadiora, Emeka and McAdoo, Harriette. (1996).

Meets Acculturative stress among Amerasian refugees: gender and racial differences. Adolescence 31(122)), 477-487. Journal Articles and Book Chapters File.
This study finds that acculturative stress is found mainly in the areas of spoken English, employment, and limited formal education rather than race and gender.

Parker, Martha Kay. (1996).

Meets Loss in the lives of Southeast Asian elders. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Minnesota. Cataloging in Process
Uses life history methods to examine the lives of Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, and Vietnamese elders who have resettled in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Patriarca, Cristina and Cazorla, Liliana. (1986)

Laosianos: la ultima inmigracion. Todo es Historia 19(235), 32-45. Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses the background and resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees, mainly Hmong, in Argentina.

Voices of challenge: Hmong women in transition. [videorecording] (1996).

Meets A CSU Fresno/ Academic Innovation Center production. New York: Carousel Film & Video. Cataloging in Process
Interviews with young Hmong women which give insight into the refugee experience, the challenges of breaking away from a patriarchal family structure, and assimilation into American society.

Welcome to America: arts of being Khmer in Philadelphia. [videorecording] (1991).

Meets Philadelphia: Philadelphia Folklore Project. Cataloging in Process
Explores transformations of Cambodian culture in Philadelphia, with special attention to traditional weddings.

Yang, Kou.

The Hmong in Fresno: a study of Hmong welfare participation and self-sufficiency. Ed.D. dissertation, University of California, Davis. Cataloging in Process
Examines factors which influence Hmong welfare participants to remain on or to leave the welfare system.