New SEA Archive Student Assistants

Hello, my name is Thu Hoang. I am a senior Biology major who will graduate this June. (YEAH!). I began work at the SEAA in Winter quarter. Working here has been a valuable learning experience for me because it has made me more aware of my Vietnamese and Vietnamese American culture.

I have enjoyed my four years at UCI, mainly because I have realized that there is more to life than just studying. I am a well-rounded person, and I take pride in everything I do. The things I value most are my family, friends, good health, and a good sense of humor. I was born in Vietnam and came to the U.S. when I was four years old. I have two older brothers and four younger sisters. Being the oldest girl has its advantages and disadvantages.

After graduation I hope to take a trip somewhere (anywhere) for a month before I begin optometry school in August. I will be attending the Southern California College of Optometry.

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Hi, my name is Lien Lam. I have just started working at the Southeast Asian Archive. This is my first year at UCI. I am a Bio major with a minor in Psychology. I'm planning to double major in Spanish. I tried to take as many PE classes as I can before the PE department closes down. I like to live on the dangerous side; I ride my bike without a helmet.