Vietnamese American Art Exhibit at UCI Library

The UCI Library is proud to host an exhibit of paintings by Viet Nguyen and photographs by Khoa Van Le in the lobby of the Langson Library on the UCI campus. Both artists are distinguished members of the Vietnamese American arts community in Orange County.

Khoa Le, besides being a well-known photographer, is an accomplished musician and composer. His symphony, "1-9-7-5", will be performed by the Pacific Symphony Institute Orchestra at the Orange County Performing Arts Center on June 3. He also is the co-chair of Project 20, the year long commemoration of the first 20 years of life in the United States for the refugees from Vietnam.

Viet Nguyen fled Saigon in the last hours of the U.S. airlift on April 30, 1975. His training as a traditional Vietnamese artist included French influences and those of other Asian cultures. He continued his art studies in Southern California, and his work has evolved from an early realism to a more abstract style which includes the many artistic traditions to which he has been exposed. He has exhibited widely in Southern California, including the 1991 Irvine Fine Arts Center exhibit,"Four Artists/Bon Hoa Si."

The show runs from April 25 through May 19. The hours are 8:00 AM-11:00 PM, Monday- Thursday; 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, Friday; 12 noon- 6:00 PM, Saturday; 12 noon-11:00 PM, Sunday. For directions to UCI, parking information, and other questions please call 824-4968.