Selected Recent Acquisitions

Adler, Shelley Ruth. The Role of the Nightmare in Hmong Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome: A Folkloristic Study of Belief and Health. Ph.D., UCLA, 1991.

RA568 H55 A35 1991a Southeast Asian Archive
Explores the role of traditional beliefs as a cause for SUNDS.

Boyer, Laura M. The Older Generation of Southeast Asian Refugees: An Annotated Bibliography. Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1991.

Z7164 R32 B69 1991 Southeast Asian Archive
Citations cover 1975-1990 and Cambodian, ethnic Chinese, Hmong, Lao, and Vietnamese ethnic groups. Includes a "general works" section as well.

Carrier, Joseph, Bang Nguyen, and Sammy Su. "Vietnamese American Sexual Behaviors and HIV Infection." The Journal of Sex Research 29:4 (Nov. 1992):

547-560. Articles and Research Papers File
Preliminary findings of a continuing ethnosexual field study of Vietnamese American sexual behavior in Orange County and its relationship to HIV infection.

Kiang, Peter. New Roots and Voices: The Education of Southeast Asian Students at an Urban Public University. Ed.D., Harvard University, 1991.

LC3727 K53 1991a Southeast Asian Archive
Analyzes the problems encountered by refugee college students in regards to their status as refugees, Southeast Asians, immigrants, and as racial minorities, Challenges the "model minority" concept and explores Asian American curriculum as a means of integrating Southeast Asian students.

Minority Cultures of Laos: Kammu, Lua' Lahu, Hmong, and Iu-Mien. Edited by Judy Lewis. Rancho Cordova, CA: Southeast Asia Community Resource Center, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, 1992.

DS555.44 M56 1992 Southeast Asian Archive
Covers the language, culture, and customs of the less well-known cultures and languages of Laos. Extensive bibliographies.

Mitchell, Roger, et al. "The Will to Believe and Anti-Refugee Rumors." Midwestern Folklore 13:1: 5-15.

Results of a seven year study of anti-refugee lore aimed at the Hmong community in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Nash, Jesse W. Vietnamese Catholicism. Harvey, LA: Art Review Press, 1992.

BX1407 V53 N37 1992 Southeast Asian Archive
Study of the primarily Roman Catholic Vietnamese community in the "Versailles" or "Little Vietnam" area of New Orleans.

Needs Assessment of the Asian/Pacific Islander Community in Sacramento County. Sacramento: Asian Community Center of Sacramento, 1992.

F870 O6 A855 1992 Southeast Asian Archive
Includes separate sections on the Cambodian, Chinese Vietnamese, Hmong, Iu Mien, Lao, and Vietnamese communities.

Nguyen, Dinh Tham. Studies on Vietnamese Language and Literature: A Preliminary Bibliography. Ithaca, N.Y.: Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1992.

Cataloging in Process
Over 2500 entries. Includes books, monographs, and journal articles in Western languages only (mainly English and French).

Sam, Sam-Ang and Patricia Shehan Campbell. Silent Temples, Songful Hearts: Traditional Music of Cambodia. Danbury, CT: World Music Press, 1991.

ML3758 C16 S2 1991 Southeast Asian Archive
Introduction to Cambodian music. Includes 14 "Guided Listening Experiences" and cassette tape.

Tu, Sharon. Southeast Asian Refugees in San Francisco's Tenderloin District: New Models of Assimilation and Ethnic Enclaves. M.A., Stanford University, 1991.

Cataloging In Process
Describes and analyzes the life of new Asian Americans in an inner-city neighborhood.

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