Selected Recent Acquisitions to the Southeast Asian Archive

AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors in Southeast Asian Communities in San Francisco. Vol. 1. Findings, Summary and Conclusions. By Kenji Murase, et al. San Francisco: Center for Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement, 1991.

F869 S39 I436 1991 Southeast Asian Archive
Conducted in Fall 1990, this study is the first of its kind in the United States. A total of 87 Cambodian, 91 Laotian, and 205 Vietnamese adults, age 18 to 60 and residents of the Tenderloin area, were interviewed.

Bui, Diana D. A Snapshot in Time: Improvements in the Conditions of Refugee Women and Children in Detention in Hong Kong. New York: Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, 1991.

Follow up report to the author's 1990 Women's Commission report. She reports dramatic improvements, but has concerns about the decision not to fund additional detention centers.

Dean, Michael F. Education in Vietnam Today. Office of International Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1991.

Articles and Research Papers File
Up-to-date information on all levels of education in present-day Vietnam. Includes a list of institutions of higher education, and a glossary of Vietnamese educational terms.

Fass, Simon M. The Hmong in Wisconsin: On the Road to Self-Sufficiency. Milwaukee, WI: Wisconsin Policy Research Committee, 1991.

Studied as a welfare migration population, this report makes the point that Hmong children are likely to get themselves and their families out of the welfare system through educational achievement.
Knudsen, John Chr. "Prisoners of International Politics: Vietnamese Refugees Coping with Transit Life." Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science. 18:1 (1990). 153-165.
Articles and Research Papers File
This study is based on the perceptions of Vietnamese refugees concerning their life in refugee camps as preparation for living in exile. Interviews were conducted at camps in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan with refugees bound for Norway and the United States.

Leong, Frederick, T. L. and Mark C. Johnson. Vietnamese Amerasian Mothers: Psychological Distress and High-Risk Factors. Washington, D.C.: Office of Refugee Resettlement, 1992.

In this study empirical data concerning Amerasian mothers is analyzed and compared with data on Amerasian adolescents as a group. Follow-up to an earlier study: Vietnamese Amerasians: Practical Implications of Current Research.

Nha, Ca. Kieu Chinh: Hanoi, Saigon, Hollywood. Orange, CA: Than Huu Pub., 1991.

PN2898 K5 N4 1991 Southeast Asian Archive
The life of Vietnamese actress Kieu Chinh. Well illustrated, with text in both English and Vietnamese.
Nguyen, Phong Thuyet. From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards: Traditional Music of Vietnam. Danbury, CT: World Music Press, 1990. L3560 V5 N5 1990 Southeast Asian Archive
Cassette and pamphlet. Includes songs, poetry and instrumental music. Provides information on Vietnamese history and culture, a general introduction to Vietnamese music and instruments, and 12 vocal and instrumental pieces for group use.

Ostergren, Joan Caryl. Relationships Among English Performance, Self-Efficacy, Anxiety, and Depression for Hmong Refugees. Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1991.

E184 H55 O78 1991a Southeast Asian Archive
Considers psychological and demographic variables related to learning English among 128 Hmong refugees in ESL programs.

Proschan, Frank. Khmu Verbal Art in America: The Poetics of Khmu Verse. Ph.D., University of Texas. 1989.

PL4452 P76 1989a Southeast Asian Archive
Concerns the more than 2,000 Khmu from Laos who immigrated to the United States after 1975. Focused on selected songs and other verse forms from recordings made in U.S. communities between 1982-1989, this work also includes ethnohistorical information about the Khmu in Laos and in the United States.

Thayer, Robert P. Who Killed Heng Lim? The Southeast Asian Experience of Racial Harassment and Violence in Philadelphia. Brattleboro, VT: Program in Intercultural Management, School for International Training, 1990.

An in-depth report of hostilities against Southeast Asians in Philadelphia, with its focus the killing of a 37 year old Cambodian American man. Includes background on the Southeast Asian community in Philadelphia, extensive first-hand interviews, and analysis of existing practices of dealing with racial conflict.

Thompson, Janice L. "Exploring Gender and Culture with Khmer Refugee Women: Reflections on Participatory Feminist Research." Advances in Nursing Science. 13:3 (March 1991) 30-48. Articles and Research Papers File
This study combines community health nursing practice with feminist research. It discusses four recurring themes found in interviews with Khmer refugee women and discussion of their dreams and Cambodian myths.

Vo, Linda Trinh. "Southeast Asians and the Post-Refugee Communities: Redefining Differences among the 'Boat People.'" Paper presented at the Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference, May 1992.

Articles and Research Papers File
Analyses Southeast Asian ethnic communities formed through secondary migration after the U.S. government's plans to disperse refugees throughout the country failed. These communities have functioned as support systems and aided in adjusting to a new country.

Westminster Police Department. The Effects of Crime and Violence on Asian American Youth and Family. Conference: Irvine, CA, September 2, 1992.

Videorecording of the general sessions of the conference, with presentations by Prany Sananikone, Nghia Tran, Marcus Frank, and a panel of Asian American youth. Includes also "The Refugee's Struggle for Freedom, presented by UC Irvine's Project Ngoc.