New Student Assistant: Ninh Mai

My name is Ninh Mai. I'm the new student assistant at the Southeast Asian Archives. I'm a senior majoring in Biology and Psychology (yes, I'm a double major.). I'm originally from Vietnam; I came to the United States ten years ago. I currently reside in Long Beach (yes, I commute everyday, what a pain!) with my mother, two brothers, and sister. Besides working in the Archive, I enjoy walking along the beach at night, and, of course, I enjoy dancing very much. This is my last year at UCI (that is if I don't fail any class this year). Hopefully, I'll be in medical school by this time next year.

[My Huong N. Tran, the Archive's student assistant since Spring 1989, has returned to Stockton where currently she is operating a travel agency for her uncle. She will graduate this June from UCI (after taking 2 classes at UC Davis) and plans to enter an administrative nursing program.]