Selected Recent Acquisitions

Dohamide and Dorohiêm. (2004). Bangsa Champa: Tìm ve với một cội nguồn cách xa. (Cham  ethnicity: In search of a distant ethnic group).  California: SEACAEF & Viet Foundation. Cataloging in Process
Vietnamese language work that explores the complexity of the origins of the Cham diaspora. 

Douglas, Thomas J.  (2003). The cross and the lotus: Changing religious practices among Cambodian immigrants in Seattle.  In Jane Iwamura & Paul Spickard (Eds), Revealing the sacred in Asian and Pacific America (pp. 159-176).  London: Routledge. Vertical File
Discusses the complex relationship between Christian and Buddhist beliefs and practices among Cambodian Americans.

Hing, Bill Ong.  (2003).  Refugee policy and cultural identity: In the voice of Hmong and Iu Mien young adults.  Race and Poverty Law Journal 1(1), 111-180. Vertical File
Examines refugee admission and resettlement policies in the context of the experiences and attitudes of  Hmong and Iu Mien college students. 

Monkey dance.  (2004).  ITVS presents; National Asian American Telecommunications Association; and WGBH Boston; directed, shot, and edited by Julie Mallozzi.  Cambridge, MA: Julie Mallozzi. E184 K45 M665 2004 Langson MRC
Tells the story of three Cambodian American teenagers and their conflicts with reconciling the world of their parents with American culture. Features the Angkor Dance Troupe based in Lowell, MA.

Nguyen, Tomson Hoang.  (2003).  Video gambling in Vietnamese cafes: An observational study of “hotline” machines in Southern California.  M.S. thesis, California State University, Long Beach. GV1469.35 P65 N45 2003a SE Asian Archive
Discussion of the operation of the cafes with respect to gambling, how the equipment works, types of customers, and the author’s research methods.

Northrup, Joanne.  (2003).  Tales of yellow skin: The art of Long Nguyen. With contributions by Laura Elisa Pérez, Elaine H. Kim, & Peter Frank. ND237 N49 A4 2003 Southeast Asian Archive
Catalog for the exhibition of the artist’s work at the San Jose Museum of Art, April 12-July 27, 2003.

Quintiliani, Karen. (2003). From streets of gold to streets of struggle: Khmer families and the social and economic consequences of welfare reform.  Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles. F870 K45 Q56 2003a Southeast Asian Archive
Study of urban poverty and the effects of implementation of social welfare policy on the daily lives of refugee families in Southern California.

Shah, Bindi.  (2002).  Making the “American” subject: Ethnicity, gender, culture and the politics of citizenship in the lives of second generation Laotian girls.  Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Davis. F870 L27 S53 2002a Southeast Asian Archive
Using ethnographic methods, analyzes the activism of Laotian girls involved in a youth initiative sponsored by the Asian Pacific Environmental Network in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thai, Hung Cam.  (2005).  Clashing dreams in the Vietnamese diaspora: Highly educated overseas brides and low-wage U.S. husbands.  In Nicole Constable (Ed.).  Cross-border marriages: Gender and mobility in transnational Asia  (pp. 145-165). Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
Vertical File
Analyzes the motivations and expectations inherent in transpacifc marriages.

Withers, Andrea C.  (2004).  Hmong language and cultural maintenance in Merced, California.  BRJ Online (Bilingual Research Journal) 28(3), 425-461.
Vertical File
Shows a downward generational shift in ability, attitudes, and use of  Hmong culture and language, although community cultural resources are available.