New Student Assistant: Enny Van

Hello Everyone: My name is Enny Van and I am currently a second year political science major with hopes of getting into the law sector after my undergraduate studies. I am also the Vietnamese American Coalition (VAC) Internal Vice Chair and an ASUCI Judicial Board Associate Justice. My commitment to VAC and my other campus involvements has been predicated on a deep appreciation in that these involvements have helped me gain access to my daily questions of being Vietnamese American and face the void that many first or second generation students have. In my latest endeavor as a new student assistant for the SEA, it has rewarded me thus far with an amazing opportunity. As the only child from my family born stateside, I often feel at a disadvantage when seeking my identity and background. Although my parents have always pushed me to stay relatively cultured, I have found that after working a couple of short months at the Archive, my current knowledge about Vietnam, my heritage and ultimately myself can only scratch the surface of an illustrious, rich ocean of the influences that can shape an individual. I invite you to join me at the Southeast Asian Archive to discover the things you may never find unless you choose to dig deeper.

“Vietnam. One word that evokes so many images – a war, a homeland, an exodus, a past, a foreign place. Vietnamese American. Not only Vietnamese. Not only American. Not one or the other, but both Vietnamese and American. Two words connected. Two worlds intertwined.” (Introduction, Vietnamese Americans: Lessons in American history: an interdisciplinary curriculum & resource guide. 2nd ed. 2004).