New Collection

Materials focusing on the on the Overseas Refugee Program in the Philippines and Thailand and also the education and resettle- ment of Southeast Asian refugees in the U.S. were recently donated to the Southeast Asian Archive by Bob Walsh.  Mr. Walsh formerly was curriculum director for the Program in the Philippines.  Materials cover the years 1975-2001 and include curriculum materials, published and unpublished papers, periodicals, videos, and newspaper clippings.  A focus of the resettlement materials is the Southeast Asian communities in the San Diego area.  

Dr. Văn Lê:

Materials concerning Southeast Asian educational and cultural topics, including issues of Refugee Update (1983-1989) and its successor Context (1988-1995); Center for Applied Linguistics, Indochinese refugee education guides; The shadows of doubts and fears, by Doan T. Truong (1995); miscellaneous issues of Người Việt Tự Do, Sacramento, CA (1991-2001).

Cathy Lu:

 Her M.L.I.S thesis, Indochinese students' behavior in using academic libraries: A case study, San Jose State University, 2000.

Rev. Đức Xuân Nguyễn:

The bilingual 2000-2001 & 2001-2002 Directory of Vietnamese churches, pastors and Christian workers.
Nguyễn Ngọc Bích: Radio logs and cassettes of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, September 2000-January 2001.

Như-Ngọc T. Ông:

 Her M.A. thesis, Social representations of democracy in a Vietnamese American newspaper, CSU Fullerton, 2001;  The Vietnamese public in transition: The world values survey: Vietnam 2001, conducted by Russell J. Dalton &  Như-Ngọc T. Ông, UCI Center for the Study of Democracy, 2001 (available online at

Madame Phạm Thị Hoán & Mr. Tuấn Phạm:

Giải oan lậ một đàn tràng: tuyển tập, 2001; pamphlet, Pourquoi rehabiliter Phạm Quỳnh?=Why Phạm Quỳnh must be rehabilitated.
Richard Richie, Yale University Library: Genocide sites in Cambodia, 1975-1979, a publication of the Cambodian Genocide Program, Yale University.  Available on the Program's website:

Sophy Sam:

Two copies of Proleung Khmer (United Cambodian Students, 2001).

Trangđài Trầnguyễn:

Hiệp Nhất (nos. 22, 1994; 48, 50-53, 55, 1996-1997);  Hiệp Thông (Dec. 12, 2001, Jan. 6 & 13, 2001); Diễn Đàn Giáo Dân (no. 4, Nov. 2001); Vietnamese Catholic Center, Santa Ana, CA  report, 1998; St. Columban Catholic Church weekly bulletin (Dec. 30, 2001, Jan 6 & 13, 2002); St. Columban Đặc San Sống Daó 2001; bilingual booklet for Visit of St. Therese of Lisieux Relics, Dec. 30, 1999; Canh Tân 2000=Renew 2000 manual; two CDs: Sinh nhật: Chúa cứuthế & Bài ca Lữ Hành; VNCR Yearbook, 2001-2002; Vietnamese Artistic Photography Association 2001 Selected Prints.


Copy of Tuyển tập Lê Đình Điểu (VAALA, 2001).

Professor Linda Võ:

 Ngọc H. Bùi & Joseph Stimpfl," 'Who are these people, anyway?' Variations in ethnic identity within an immigrant population," Asian American studies: Identity, images, issues past and present, ed. by Esther Mikyung Chymn, 2000;  Sucheng Chan, "A selected bibliography on refugee women and girls from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the United States;" Discover Little Saigon: A visitor's guide to Little Saigon and surrounding areas (vol. 3, Spring 2000); handout for the American Sociological Association tour of Little Saigon (August 2001); program for Jude Narita's Walk the Mountain performance (January 2002).

Sincere thanks to all our donors, and apologies to anyone inadvertently not acknowledged here.  Your support of the Southeast Asian Archive is truly appreciated.