Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bankston, Carl L. III.  (2000).

Sangha of the South: Laotian Buddhism and social adaptation in rural Louisiana.  In Min Zhou & James V. Gatewood (Eds.). Contemporary Asian America: A multidisciplinary reader (pp. 357-371). New York: New York University Press. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File
Cultural analysis of Laotian American Theravada Buddhism practices and how they have been altered in the U.S.

Becker, Gay; Beyene, Yewoubdar & Ken, Pauline.  (2000).

Memory, trauma, and embodied distress: The management of disruption in the stories of Cambodians in exile. Ethos 28(3), 320-345. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File
Examines narratives of Khmer Rouge experiences of Cambodian refugees, ages 50-79, to illustrate the relationship between bodily distress and memory, personal history and collective experience.

Duffy, John Michael.  Writing from these roots: Literacy, rhetoric, and history in a Hmong-American community.  Ph.D. dissertation, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Cataloging in Process
Historical study of the forces that shape the development of  Hmong literacy development, both in Laos and in the United States.

Hammond, Lorie A.  (2000).

Building a Mien-American house: A case study in school-community relations.  Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Davis. Cataloging in Process
Describes an intercultural program between a mainstream elementary school and Iu Mien immigrant families.

Lê Hữ'u Trí.  (2001).

Prisoner of the word.  Seattle: Black Heron Press. Cataloging in Process
Memoir of the author's six years in a Vietnamese re-education camp.

Mazumdar, Sanjoy; Mazumdar, Shampa; Docuyanan, Faye & McLaughlin, Colette M. (2000).

Creating a sense of place: The Vietnamese Americans and Little Saigon.  Environmental Psychology 20, 319-333. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File
Studies Little Saigon as an ethnic enclave by examining the physical, social, symbolic, and emotional significance of architectural elements, social interaction, and public ritual.  

Miss Hmong International, New Year 2000-2001.  (2001).

[Videorecording].  Fresno, CA: Puav Phee Video. HQ1220 U5 M57 2001 SE Asian Archive
Documentary of the Miss Hmong  Pageant held in Fresno, Calif. during the Hmong International New Year celebration.

Mortland, Carol.  (2001).

Tacoma, Washington: Cambodian adaptation and community response.  In  David W. Haines  & Carol A. Mortland (Eds.). Manifest Destinies: Americanizing immigrants and internationalizing Americans.  Westport, CT: Praeger. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File
Focuses on the various factors that first united and later caused the separation of Cambodian refugees from the mainstream community.

Pettus, Ashley Stone.  (2000).

Between sacrifice and desire: Gender, media and national identity in Vietnam.  Ph.D. dissertation, University of California. Berkeley
HQ1750.5 P48 2000a Southeast Asian Archive
Studies the conflicting definitions of Vietnamese femininity in the setting of the cultural and economic dilemmas of contemporary Vietnam.

Valverde, Caroline.  (2001).

Doing the mixed-race dance: Negotiating social spaces within the multiracial Vietnamese American class typology.  In Teresa Williams-Leon and Cynthia L. Nakashima (Eds). The sum of our parts: Mixed-heritage Asian Americans  (pp. 131-143). Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
Journal Articles & Book Chapters File
Discusses the categorization of mixed-race  Vietnamese by the Vietnamese American community.