Unsettled: Southeast Asians in America

Photos and visual art work are being sought for an upcoming anthology, Unsettled: Southeast Asians in America. Please submit samples by November 10.

Contrary to the assimilation and reconciliation narratives that dominated the literature on Southeast Asian refugee narratives throughout the 1990s, a deeper examination of refugee life in the United States reveals a complex array of culture and politics. This anthology seeks to tell these unruly stories, particularly among a generation of Southeast Asians who came of age in the United States over the past two decades. Themes include: War and Displace-ment; Poor and Colored in America; Detention and Deportation: Southeast Asians and the New State Violence; Cultures of Resistance. Please submit samples of photos and art work as PDF to Tram Nguyen at tnguyen@arc.org; or mail to

Tram Nguyen
3781 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94606.

For more information contact Tram or Eric Tang at etang@caaav.org.