SEA Archive Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was established in 1994 to support growth of the collection and promotion of the outreach efforts of the UCI Libraries Southeast Asian Archive. Members who recently have joined the Board are Professor Linda Vo, Asian American Studies Department, Professor Charles Wheeler, History Department, Ms. Jeanette Pham, librarian at Santa Ana Public Library, and Mr. Robert R. Jones III, former State Department officer in Vietnam and presently affiliated with St. Anselm's Cross Cultural Community Center. They join Board members Ms. Mariam Beevi, Professor Jeffrey Brody , Mr. Yen Do (Chair), Ms. Jackie Dooley, Professor Ketu H. Katrak, Dr. Van Le, Mr. Heat Chheng Leao, Mr. Peter Nguyen, Professor Phaïm Cao Duong, Mr. Prany Sananikone, and Mr. Thanong Sithisombath.

Sincere thanks to retiring Board members Dr. Huan D. Le and Ms. Angela Yang for their longtime support of the Southeast Asian Archive.