Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bui, Katherine Huong. (1996).

Development of a Vietnamese-American press relative to the ethnic press. M.A. thesis, East Texas State University.
PN4885 V53 B85 1996a SE Asian Archive
An historical study of approximately ten Vietnamese language publications in Texas, mainly in Dallas and Houston, examined in the context of earlier ethnic publications in the U.S.

Faderman, Lillian, with Ghia Xiong. (1998).

I begin my life all over: The Hmong and the American immigrant experience Boston: Beacon Press.
E184 H55 F83 1998 Southeast Asian Archive
Oral history of the Hmong people in America from the viewpoints of the elderly, youth and 1.5 generations, considered in the context of the author's personal immigration experience.

Hmong musicians in America, 1978-1996. [video]. (1997).

As told by Amy Catlin. Van Nuys, CA: Apsara Media for Intercultural Education. (13659 Victory Blvd., Suite 577, Van Nuys, CA 91401)
ML345 L3 H566 1997 SE Asian Archive
The social and musical history of the Hmong is related in the process of telling the story of two senior musicians from Laos who perform for a variety of American audiences. Available in the general documentary edition ($80 + $5 p/h) and Hmong home edition, without funeral footage and with an afterword by Dr. Lue Vang ($40 + $5 p/h). 8.25% CA sales tax.

Lu, Van Thanh. (1997).

The inviting call of wandering souls: memoir of an ARVN liaison officer to United States forces in Vietnam who was imprisoned in Communist re-education camps and then escaped. Jefferson, N.C.: MacFarland.
DS556.93 L8 A3 1997 SE Asian Archive
The author's memoirs cover from 1969 up to the present. In 1982 he and his family escaped by boat from Vietnam and now live in Long Beach, California.

Mabry, Philip James. (1996).

Resettling Vietnamese Amerasians in the United States. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh.
Cataloging in Process.
Examines the "multi-culturalist" logic of the Amerasian Resettlement Program

Mahoney, Therese Mary. (1995).

The white parasol and the red star: The Lao classical music culture in a climate of change. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles.
ML345 L36 M34 1994a SE Asian Archive
Examines the classical music culture of Laos and how it has been used to shape and promote the national image.

Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa. (1997).

Vietnamese: Tieng Viet khong son phan. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
PL4374 N427 1997 Southeast Asian Archive
Basic descriptive introduction to Vietnamese grammar.

Ouk, Vibol, with Charles Martin Simon. (1998).

Goodnight Cambodia: Forbidden history. Soquel, CA: Dead Trees Are Alive Productions. (4941 East Walnut, No. 6, Soquel CA 95073; 408/477-9221; $25).
Cataloging in Process
Santa Cruz doughnut shop owner Vibol Ouk's personal memoir of the Cambodian holocaust.

Smith, Michael Peter. (1995).

Who are the "good guys"? The social construction of the Vietnamese "other". In M. P. Smith & J. R. Feagin (Eds.), The bubbling cauldron: race, ethnicity, and the urban crisis (pp. 50-76). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Analysis of the "Good Guys" hostage taking and homicides in Sacramento and the subsequent representations of its meaning and significance by the police and the media.

Smith-Hefner, Nancy J. (1994).

Ethnicity and the force of faith: Christian conversion among Khmer refugees. Anthropological Quarterly, 67(1), 24-37.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Examines the phenomena of Khmer conversions to Christianity in the Boston metropolitan area, which are not large in number, but are characterized by affiliation with evangelical Protestant churches and strict religious orthodoxy.

Sylvester, Ellen Skilton. (1997).

Inside, outside and in-between: Identities, literacies and educational policies in the lives of Cambodian women and girls in Philadelphia. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania.
Cataloging in Process
Focus is on the role educational policies and practices play in shaping students' learning, participation and achievement instead of on the characteristics of the students.

True, Gala. (1997).

"My soul will come back to trouble you": cultural and ethical issues in the coerced treatment of a Hmong adolescent. Southern Folklore, 54(2), 101-114.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Concerns the conflict between doctors, California authorities and the parents of Lee Lor, a 15 year old Hmong adolescent girl, who is coerced into accepting chemotherapy against the cultural beliefs of her parents.

Waters, Anthony Edward. (1995).

The cross-generational socialization of immigrant youth. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Califonia, Davis.
HV9104 W38 1995a Southeast Asian Archive
Examines why youthful crime develops among some immigrant groups and not others. Investigates Laotians, Koreans, Mexicans and Molokan Russians in California.