Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Vietnam: An Annotated Bibliography of Works in English

This new work by John C. Schafer, Professor of English at Humboldt State University, will be welcomed and used by teachers and students, not only of the Vietnam War, but also those concerned with Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese American studies. By primarily focusing on works of literature, novels, short stories, autobiographies, the Vietnamese perspective on the war is made more understandable and meaningful to the reader.

The bibliography is arranged historically, starting with the colonial period and ending with Vietnamese exile narratives. Each section has an introductory section which gives historical and cultural background as well as recommendations for teaching the annotated works listed. Professor Schafer has done a great service by collecting these references together into one work and by placing them in meaningful context. This work belongs in libraries - academic, personal, and public - with interest in the Vietnam War and its wider historical setting.

Vietnamese Perspectives on the war in Vietnam is no. 17 in the Lac Viet series, published by the Yale University Council on Southeast Asia Studies. Cost is $18.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling. For more information contact the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, P.O. Box 20806, New Haven, CT 06520; 203/432-3432;