Recent Gifts to the Archive

Cassidy, William L:

His Vietnamese Identification Investigations: the Standard Reference, Washington, D.C., International Association of Asian Crime Investigators..., 1994.

Huynh Dinh Te:

His Parent Involvement in School: A Sourcebook for Language Minority Parents and School Personnel, 1994; and translation of Proceedings of the Seminar on Champa, 1994; Vietnamese Literature: a Brief Survey, by Nguyen Dinh Hoa, 1994; Handbook for Teaching Vietnamese-Speaking Students, 1994; Bamboo and Butterflies, by Joan D. Criddle, 1992.

Le Van Khoa:

Viet Nam Que Huong Men Yeu, 1991 (video and audio cassettes); Hoa Hau Ao Dai Long Beach 1990, (video); Vietnamese Short Stories, ed. and tr. by James Banerian, 1986.

Lien Huu Tin Lanh Viet Nam The Gioi:

Nien Giam 1994, Directory of Vietnamese Pastors & Christian Workers Overseas.

Linh Quang Vien:

Dac San Xuan At Hoi 1995, Hoi Cao Nien Vung Hoa Thinh Don, Washington, D.C.

Keith Nelson:

A New Generation: Vietnamese American Contemporary Art, (catalog for exhibit at CSU Fullerton, 1994).

Derrick Nguyen:

1994 Little Saigon Tet Festival poster; materials relating to Tet 1995.

Nguyen Hung Cung:

Gio Moi Weekly News, Sept 9 & 16, 1994; Hoi Nguoi Viet Cao Nien Vung Hoa Thinh Don, Dac San Xuan... 1994; The Bridge, Winter 1993 & Spring 1994; and Report on the 1990-1991 Survey of Courses on the Vietnam War, by Patrick Hagopian.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Con Duong Ly Tuong, by Van Nuong, 1990; Niem Phat Thap Yeu, by Thich Thien Tam, 1990.

Nga Nguyen:

The Essence of Vietnamese Culture, by Tu Dao, Nga Nguyen, Nhi Nguyen, Vi Nguyen. (Paper and interviews on cassettes for Comparative Culure 169, Fall 1994).

Ky Ban Phan:

Ban Tin (Newsletter), Vietnamese Special Forces Friendship Association, nos 1-3, 1994.

Prany Sananikone:

posters for Lao Concert, Long Beach, Jan 6, 1990; 1995 Tet Festival, Santa Clara County; Lao New Year 1995.

Project Ngoc:

Across the Sea, issue 4 (1993); Vietnamese Boat People, A Cry to Humanity: How a Humanitarian Effort Turns into a Tragedy (1994).

Paul Tran:

1959-1975 issues of Bach Khoa; scattered issues of 12 Vietnamese language periodicals, 1962-1994; Vietnamese language books, posters and ephemera.

Tuong Thang:

Tap Hop, issue no. 1, November 1994.

Vietnamese Community of Orange County, Inc.:

bilingual articles on the celebration of Tet.

Hiep The Vu:

Non Song, issues 1-2, 22-24, 64; Nguc Trang Thu, by Phan Boi Chau; Trang Vien Xu, no. 1, 1994.

Michael Yonezawa:

Hearts of Sorrow, by James Freeman, 1989.

Min Zhou:

Bankston, Carl L. III and Min Zhou. Effects of Minority-Language Literacy on the Academic Achievement of Vietnamese Youths in the Vietnamese Community in New Orleans, Sociology of Education, 68 (Jan. 1995), 1-17; Religious Participation, Ethnic Identification, and Adaptation of Vietnamese Adolescents in an Immigrant Community, The Sociological Quarterly, 36 (3), forthcoming 1995; Social Capital and the Adaptation of the Second Generation: the Case of Vietnamese Youth in New Orleans, International Migration Review, forthcoming winter 1995; articles on New York City's Chinatown, minority group labor, and housing in urban China.