Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bui, James Dien, Tang, Shirley Suet-ling Tang & Kiang, Peter Nien-chu. (2004). The local/global politics of Boston ’s Viet-Vote. aapi nexu,s 2(2), 10-18.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Examines the political organizing of Boston ’s Vietnamese American community, beginning with the 1992 City Hall rally through the 2003Viet-Vote Campaign.

Chan, Sucheng. (2003). Politics and the Indochinese refugee exodus, 1975-1997. In Sucheng Chan, (Ed.), Remapping Asian American history. (pp. 171- 222). Walnut Creek, CA : AltaMira Press.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Discusses how political conditions in the home countries, in the countries of first asylum, and the foreign policy of the United States determined the treatment of refugees during flight and resettlement.

Do, Trinh. (2004). Saigon to San Diego : Memoir of a boy who escaped from communist Vietnam. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland.

DS559.914 D6 A3 2004 SE Asian Archive Detailed account of daily life for a teenage boy in Vietnam under communist rule and his escape, apart from his family, as a boat person in 1978.

Falk, Catherine. (2003/2004). The dragon taught us: Hmong stories about the origin of the free-reed pipes Qeej. Asian Music, 35(1), 17-55.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters file

Discusses the history and cultural role of the most important Hmong musical instrument.

Her turn to talk: Poetry and oral histories by and about young Khmer women. (2003). Khmer Girls in Action. Long Beach, CA : Banana Tree Press.

PS508 C H47 2003 Southeast Asian Archive

Poetry, prose, and oral histories written by young women in workshops sponsored by Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) in Long Beach . To purchase copies and/or for more information contact Que Dang, Khmer Girls in Action, 1355 Redondo Ave, Suite #9, Long Beach, CA 90804; (562) 986-9415;

Mote, Sue Murphy. (2004). Hmong and American: Stories of transition to a strange land. Jefferson, N.C. : Mc Farland.

E184 H55 M67 2004 Southeast Asian Archive

Accounts of twelve Hmong refugees, their accultura-tion to life in the United States and efforts to preserve their culture.

 Nguyen, Peter Sam Cao. (2003). Vietnamese conversion to Christianity: The impact of the refugee experience. Ph.D. dissertation, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley .

BL639 N46 2003a Southeast Asian Archive

Exploratory study of the factors in the escape experience which led 16 Vietnamese refugees to an intensification of their existing faith, a change of denominations and/or a change of religions.

 Nguyen, Tu-Uyen. (2004). Building relationships and cultivating trust and respect: a multi-level comparison of cultural tailoring processes by community health workers addressing breast and cervical cancer screening needs in a Cambodian and a Laotian community in California. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles .

RC280 B8 N45 2004a SE Asian Archive

Uses both quantitative (community-based survey) and qualitative (interviews and observation) methods to study the results and effectiveness of community health workers and health advisors for health promotion and screening programs.

Turpin, Leslie. (2004). Traces of places: A vicarious journey into memories of the homeland in a Lao-American community. Ph.D. dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Cataloging in Process

Incorporating the experiences of ten participants, studies the transmission of memories of place from one generation to another through stories, practice, and folk music.

Wright, Wayne. (2004). What English-only really means: A study of the implementation of California language policy with Cambodian American students.

Bilingual Education and Bilingualiasm, 7 (1), 1-23.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters File

Interviews with ten former Cambodian American students reveal that English-only programs fail to meet the educational needs of students and may have negative ramifications for their adult lives.