Selected Recent Acquisitions

Bays, Sharon. (1998).

What's culture got to do with it? "Cultural Preservation" and Hmong Women's activism in Central California. Transforming Anthropology, 7(2), 35-45. Journal Articles and Book Chapters File A male-dominated public policy process leads to the creation of the Asian American Women's Advancement Coalition by Hmong, Lao, Lahu Mien , and non-Laotian women in Central California's Tulare County.

Bong-Wright, Jackie. (2001).

Autumn cloud: From Vietnamese war widow to American Activist. Sterling, VA: Capitol Books. E184 V53 W758 2001 SE Asian Archive Personal story of a Vietnamese refugee, covering her privileged life in Vietnam, subsequent flight to the U.S. with her young children in 1975, career as a community activist, and remarriage to an American diplomat.

Breckon, Lydia Ann. (1999).

The other side: Ethnic and transnational identity among Khmer Americans in southern New England. Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University. F75 K45 B74 199a Southeast Asian Archive Analyzes Khmer ethnic identity through examination of the intertwined processes of the construction of Khmer identity in the U.S. and transnational relationships with Cambodia.

Hein, Jeremy & Berger, Randall R. (2001).

Legal adaptation among Vietnamese refugees in the United States: How international migrants litigate civil grievances during the resettlement process. International Migration Review 35(2), 420-448. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File Uses state and federal civil cases to analyze the legal adaptation of Vietnamese refugees from 1975-1994. Finds that civil suits with a Vietnamese plaintiff and a native defendant tended to occur earlier than the opposite.

Hinton, Devon Emerson. (1999).

Musical healing and cultural syndromes in Isan: Landscape, conceptual metaphor and embodiment. Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University. ML3920 H56 1999a SE Asian Archive Investigates the traditional musical healing of Laotian-speaking people in Northeastern Thailand. Focuses on one village medium and her healing practices involving singing, dancing, and the sound of the kaen, a pipe instrument.

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Fractured identities: Cambodia's children of war. Lowell, MA: Loom Press. E184 K45 H58 1997 Southeast Asian Archive Continues the life stories of some of the young people pictured on the cover of the authors' earlier book, Southeast Asians: A new beginning in Lowell (F74 L9 H58 1986)

Nguyen, Natalie Huynh Nguyen. (1993).

Between East and West: A study of selected works by Vietnamese Francophone writers from 1930 to 1990. Ph.D dissertation, University of Oxford. PQ3977 V5 N58 1993a SE Asian Archive Focuses on four primary themes: 1) the influence of Kim Van Kieu on modern novels; 2) portrayal of women; 3) nature of interracial relationships; 4) alienation within the self and one's environment.

Paj Ntaub Voice, vol. 6:1 (Fall 1999).

St. Paul: Center for Hmong Arts and Talent. E184 H55 P37 Southeast Asian Archive Literary arts journal focusing on Hmong arts and culture. The theme of this issue is "Gender and Identity."

Stevens, Christine A. (2001).

Perspectives on the meanings of symptoms among Cambodian refugees. Journal of Sociology 37(1), 81-98. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File Examines the meaning of selected symptoms such as sleeping problems, pain, headaches, and memory loss among a group of 150 Cambodians aged 20 to 75 years in South Australia.

White, Jeanne C.V. (2000).

"How can I make it here?" The adaptation to rural American life by Lao refugee women. Ed.D. dissertation, University of Georgia. F220 L27 W46 2000a SE Asian Archive Asks what were the influential factors and what strategies were used in examining how lowland Lao refugee women learned their adoptive culture.

Yang, Kou. (2001).

Research note: The Hmong in America: Twenty-five years after the U.S. secret war in Laos. Journal of Asian American Studies. 4(2), 165-174. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File Gives an overview of the Hmong in the United States and discusses key community leaders.

Zhou, Min & Blankston, Carl III. (2001).

Family pressure and the educational experience of the daughters of Vietnamese refugees. International Migration, 39(4), 133-151. Journal Articles & Book Chapters File Analyzes the school experience of female Vietnamese high school students in Louisiana and the place gender roles play in educational achievement.