UCI Summer Session Courses

To be offered first session, June 26-August 3:

Fundamentals of Vietnamese S1AB, 7.5 units. Course code: 20050, fee: $660, MThWThF, 9-11:50 AM, Room 100 Humanities Hall. Instructor: Tin Pham. Together with S1BC (second session, August 7-September 13; course code 20055) this course offers first-year Vietnamese in an intensified form. Intended for students with little or no knowledge of the Vietnamese language. Emphasis is on mastery of the basic language skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

Politics and Power in Vietnamese American Community, AsianAm 131, 4 units. Course code: 37220, fee: $340, MWF 3-4:50 PM, Room 1165 Social Science Plaza A. Instructor: Christian Collet. Introduction to the political development of and competition for leadership in Vietnamese communities in the United States. Particular emphasis given to Little Saigon. Further, Orange County politics placed in perspective to other Vietnamese American communities across the country, including San Jose, Houston, and the Washington DC metropolitan area. Vietnamese American politics is compared also to the politics of other Asian American communities, as well as other ethnic communities such as the Cuban Americans in Florida. Same as Political Science 129.

Registration information can be found at http://www.summer.uci.edu, or call 949/824-5493.